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Reminds me, I was there at a paper mill only about a hundred feet away or so and about forty feet higher when this happened. There was a safety shack and safety crew on the job. Often the first man hurt gets stuck with the safety job but in this case they had hired a specialist. I don't have a picture of him so just imagine a six feet tall dildo with a hard hat on one end and boots on the other. Whichever end doesn't matter!

The carpenters were working on a platform about 80 feet from the ground. One of them had found a blue jumpsuit just like they wore. Cast off rubber boots were easy to find, also gloves and hardhat. We were working with a material called rockwool, picture fiberglass insulation then make it ten times as itchy! The carpenter went to some effort putting together a beautimus dummy and stuffing it with rockwool. He watched until he saw the safety guy coming out of the safety shack a bit over a hundred yards away and with a whole unit worth of small enclosures and equipment along with water vapor to block the view at ground level, typical industrial plant.

The carpenter lets out a long drawn despairing scream as he threw the dummy over the side of the platform. The safety man froze a few seconds then tucks his head down and runs towards "the accident." No reason to be in a rush, the nicest thing somebody could fall on was concrete. Anything else you would probably be impaled, maybe slow roasted too. You weren't likely to care what after falling eighty feet!

As soon as the safety man tucked his head down the carpenter took off down the outside of the scaffolding. As soon as he gets to ground level he threw the dummy under a 25 ton cherry picker and flops out on his back where it had been. The safety man runs up and starts examining the carpenter. The carpenter raises his head a little bit and shook it. "Third time I have fell off of that SOB today! One more time and I quit!" Unfortunately safety people aren't noted for senses of humor and the carpenter didn't have to quit. I think he was out the gate in less than thirty minutes.