got my new cuetec r360 cue today


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You've got a lot of nerve Mike. First you post drivel about how bad league players are around you (in the middle of nowhere), when you can't run three balls yourself. Now you make fun of Randy (one of the top instructors in the world) by connecting him with Travis Trotter. You need to go crawl back in your hole butthead! :angry:

Scott Lee

Uh, gee Scott, now that ENGLISH! is gone am I the focus of your attention and horsesh~t?

First I never posted drivel. I stated what I saw and asked if all leagues were like this.

Who said I cant run three balls? Granted at times I get frustrated, like everyone, and post how I am playing bad and cant run two balls.

I never made fun of Randy. The thread itself is a joke. I guess you missed it a couple of years ago when Travis was talking about his Dad and someone jokingly said it might be Randy.

And you - YOU - are the one that said I was 65 years old when i'm not even close to that.

Then again, why am I even posting something like this on a Travis Trotter thread?????


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Re: Cuetec r360

Presently, I own 30-40 cues. Some are cheapos, some are mass produced average cues, some are high end mass produced cues, some are well made custom cues by cuemakers whose names probably will never be known. Finally, a few are made by cuemakers who are world class, so judged by members on this forum. Six months ago I added the Cuetec r360 to feed my my cue addiction. To my surprise, I found that it played as well, not better, than any cue I own. Incidentally, it an exact copy of the OP.


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just to update you all on my playing pool i did a wonderful job today !:)