Happy Birthday KAM...


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It was a great nite with the HK Gang...
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Happy Birthday Kam! Thanks for sharing all your great cues in the gallery with us. Look forward to meeting you at the Expo sometime. I'd tell you to have a great day but it looks like you're already having a great life. :smile: Best to you and yours.


I can average 2 ball's :)
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It was a great nite the gang...

It was a great night with Kam as usual

Good food, excellent wine and great company nothing else you could really ask for.

Kam enjoyed the szamboti sign and I would like to give a big thank you to Barry Szamboti for giving me permission to use his family name.

The sign made is 1 of 2, the other sign is being sent to Barry


A big thank you to the JB Cases team.



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thanks guys ..

it was an awesome evening ...

gotta give out a special thank you to Roy for his unique gift .. that is going over my work table in my new place !

life is great !!


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awesome Gift

Happy Birthday Kam, that Gift is the Nutz and we know you get a Monster Cue from Barry too:thumbup:
Great Gang you have in HK:wub::lovies: