Has anyone heard from Lucky?


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he was at the sbe but left early. i believe but am not sure he was headed home.



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May god bless him,his family,country,and cues! hope all gets well there soon!sad what took place there


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I just talked to Lucky this afternoon and his immediate family is all OK! He has a lot to deal with in his buisness, he will be going back this afternoon, I think. I don't know how the airports are just yet. All my best to him and his family, Martin and Kent.


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We all owe a lot to Lucky
the pool business would not be what it is today without him


He, his family, his staffs, his house, his office and HIS CUES, ALL IS OK.
But He can not reply emails, and also can not update the website.
He has writen on his website in Japanese.


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Lucky was at the SBE on Sunday afternoon visiting many of the booths.
All indications are that things were going well back home for his family and friends.
Things were so well that he had Little Kenny running around on several cues of interest to him.
All Szamboti's and all are gems that he wanted to take along.
Lucky was back to normal doing what he enjoys - looking at cues and attempting to make some deals.