Help me decide....waiting on my build


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i dont know about the others but after texts you never responded to me
just sayin

You didn’t have anything I like. Simple as that.

Others emailed and contacted me too and unfortunately the cues I liked in the group pictures were sold. I had so many people show me their cues and most of them say take my time and they’ve apologized if they seem pushy.

I’ve never even bother giving an offer as I don’t want to low ball anyone.

Finally I went with a build from a famous maker. Spending more than I should but I will like it.

I was actually looking for a Black Boar and thanks to Ideologist, great poster and guy, gave me a good education on them. He has a great collection by the way. So I’m out of the BB range decided to commission a build from a guy in New York who I adored for a decade now.

Simple as that.


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Well Shooting Hank was looking for desperation sales.


I didn’t like the cues that were shown to me.

I liked a Tad and Searing but they were sold.

I forget which cue I did offer 3.8k but he told me it was sold after I gave him the offer. 3.8k is no fire sale offer.

Fore Rail

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If made in the USA is a consideration go for the Schmelke sneaky pete style in the $125 range.

If not a Players sneaky in the $85 range will work just fine while waiting for your cue to arrive.


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I have no experience with a Schmelke , But I have with Players and they are as about as good as you can get in a cheaper production cue. Players sneaky's are as good as about any and play really nice. You can get one pretty cheap and then sell as soon as you get your new cue.


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Which three are my best choices while I wait for my build:




I'll put in a good word for Dufferin, maybe not USA, but a shout out to our North American friends to the north. I recently got a simple two-piece from Ozone as a house/guest cue, not a fancy piece of maple, but basic (in a good way), solid, and dead-straight. The wrap is pretty slick (for me), and it comes with a darn hard tip (Blue Elf), but it hits very similar to my JP daily shooter. At $70, I consider it a real steal.
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I bought a couple of Cuetec cheap cues from Ozone for the use of guests at home. They are perfect straight and hit decent. Not to mention they can hold up to rough play from kids.