How Much Is A Tip of English?


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It sounds like an exact measurement but i think it's a vague one. If dead center is the center of the tip aimed to the center of the cb, then literally, a one tip english would be exactly one tip's diameter off the center. But I think that is too much, and I think many people refer to a tip's english as very slight, and for ME that would be the side of the tip aimed to dead center on the cb or literally a 1/2 tip. It is illustrated in the first response.

That's just me.

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What is a soft hit? What is the cue speed for a soft hit v a hard hit v a mediun hit?

I always find I interesting that no one ever states what the actual speed of the cue is during these test.

Or even CB speeds. So how can you state contact time is xxx yet cannot give as exact of details of the other variables in putting spin on a ball. A soft stroke is subjective.

Well I don't speak Russian to start with and at this point have only been concerned with break speed force measurements... The tests were not mine but done by DBKCues... Soft may be subjective in your mind because soft to you may not be pro grade soft and likely mine isn't either, but in the test soft is relative in relation to the other stroke speeds......