Is this a common 3 rail bank shot, or just a great shot

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Just like Efren learning weird/unique and out of this world shots by watching beginners/bangers playing, it happened to me so many times by accident that I got that shot all pat down and has added it to my offensive arsenal.


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I think the angle he shot it at for that particular one was a little weird, but the shot itself is pretty common. I believe the more common three railer is shooting this shot hitting the first rail above the side pocket. Hitting the rail below the side pocket changes the angle and makes it a little harder IMO, but definitely workable.

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This kind of shot has a potential kiss after both of the balls have hit three cushions. Note which ball passes the potential collision point first in the video. (That point is about a foot above the foot spot.) It was the cue ball, by a lot. That's because the cut was fairly thin and the cue ball had a relatively large amount of speed. If the cue ball had been closer to the foot cushion, the hit would have been fuller and and the shot might have had a kiss. After a while playing one pocket, you start to have a feel for what might kiss and take precautions. Sometimes the precautions work.

The fairly thin hit also makes the shot relatively difficult, but as long as you don't scratch in the far corner or make the object ball on one cushion, the shot should turn out fine.