Jose 'Amang' Parica

Michael Andros

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Both in their prime, that would be a gangster match-up, like a death match. They both had/have the killer instinct and no fear for the cash. It would have been one of those matches that was just a matter of who lasted the longest. Neither player has any back down in him. No one else in the Philippines I've seen quite like these two. There are and have been many other great players, but some of them suffered when the bet got too high and others started looking for the door when the heat was on. In the long run I'd give it to Parica by a hair. The tougher the game the better he played.

Francisco and Lee Vann are probably the next best when playing for serious money. But I doubt either one of them wanted to match up with the two little killers, especially playing even. One other thing, both Dennis and Jose were/are not adverse to putting their own money in the middle. All of it! :thumbup2:

Oh yeah, Jay... betting one's own cash! ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Grady used to say he'd play anyone anything for any amount, providing he knew they were betting their own money! :D


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Efren's funding over the years in the pool world was likely the equiavalent of Tiger in golf

just getting paid to show up and everyone wanted the privellege of sponsoring


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You needed some real intestinal fortitude to play Jose, because he was going to come at you and come at you and never stop or slow down. The big difference was his perfect execution of shot after shot. Miss was not in his vocabulary and his idea of a safe was making you kick backwards to hit the ball. He might shoot a semi loose shot once an hour, and I don't mean a miss, just a slightly errant safety or poor position. He'd just smile, shake his head and get back to work destroying you on his next turn.

This is spot on right here, Jay... and why I started this thread. For the cheese, Jose would keep grinding, shooting at you, executing, getting out. Tournaments are so different, you put down your entry fee, see if you get luck of the draw... you're not going into your own pocket for anything large. Now, head to head, putting your own money on the light, there's not many who wanted any of Parica.