Josswest-all equiptment for sale


Everything you would need to make cues for the rest of your life.
Everything in great condition.

Call me at 575-378-5677

No PMs'

1. Clausing 5914 I bought it new. Has DC variable speed drive. Pratt Burned spindle nose collect chuck with a full range of steel collets. Rear centering chuck. Original paint. Perfect for cuemaking.
2. Loser rod sander. Made in Germany. The best. 3 phase. Sanding jig on the rear cast iron table for sanding veneer for flat bottom pockets. Perfect condition.
3. Timesavers feed through sander for preparing flat stock for the CNC mill. 220 single phase. Works well.
4. Rockwell floor standing drill press. Hold down clamp. Bought new.110. Perfect condition.
5. Baldor floor standing low speed buffer. Double ended. 220 single phase. Bought new. Perfect condition.
6. HEMA 18” band saw. Made in Germany. Rip fence and sliding table. 220 single phase. Carbide blades and Laguna guides. Dust connection. Perfect condition.
7. Killinger sanding lathe. Made in Germany. Dust manifold. Carbide sanding arbors for Radial and Uniloc. 3 phase. Perfect condition.
8. Killinger CNC lathe for turning shafts, butts, squares. Made in Germany. Has 2 Perske high speed motors with carbide cutters. 3 Phase and 220 single phase. Has an older Bandit control that has run foe years. I also have a new Fagor 855T lathe control mounted in a steel box with new servo drives ready to install on it. Perfect condition.
9. CNC bed mill with Kavo 60K spindle and air actuated tool change. Bought new and integrated myself. Has a 5C full rotary axis and another 5C indexing head with its’ own control. It has an Alley Bradley 6 axis control and servo motors and drives. 3 phase. I have an additional Kavo spindle for backup. I have a complete backup control, power supply, servo drives and many other spare parts. Has a vacuum table for flat work. I also have the original milling head still in the original crate. This is the only true 4-axis mill in the business. It cost 72K 15 years ago and has never had a down day. Perfect condition.
10. Hydovane compressor mounted on a 50 gal. air Tank. Bought new. Perfect condition. Will last forever.
11. Devillbus spray booth. 110. 4’ by 6’. Floor standing. Bought new. Exaust fan. Needs cleaning.
12. Diacro metal shear for cutting silver and gold strips. 3 phase. Has never cut steel or aumininum. Micrometer back stop for cutting narrow strips or tapers. Great condition.
13. 20” General disc sander. Made in Canada. 3 phase. Perfect condition.
14. Ulmia 12” table saw. Made in Germany. The best table saw in the world. Sliding table and dust hood. Bought new. Perfect condition.
15. Torit internal filter dust collector with hopper. 3 phase. Bought used. In great shape. Many steel branches and ductwork.
16. 3 Lista tool cabinets. Made in Switzerland. The best in the world. Each tool has its’ own compartment. One is a roll around. Laminated maple tops 1.5” thick.
17. Veneer press and arbor press. Excellent condition.
18. Tapered slip roller for preparing metal for 4 axis work.
19. Tap, drills. Too many to list.
20. Lots of tooling of all kinds.
21. Ivory, wood, linen etc. Everything needed for cue making.
22. Professional display in 3 travel containers.
23. Fagor 8055 CNC control with motors and drives. All new.
24. Too many other things to list.
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Sorry to hear you're hanging it up Bill, but you've been at it a long time and established yourself as a premier cue maker.
Best to you in whatever you do from here on!


House cue conversionist
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Dammit!!!!! what a time to be laid off !!!!

Even as much as I want to start building cues I just dont have the disposable cash right now, but I have passed the word on to a few people that d0 have the means. Are you going to offer any instruction (like 3 or 6 months as I have seen others do) with the purchase??

I have never played with a Josswest, but have read a lot on them, Bill, & the history. I'm sure this decision has been stewed over for months & was not rash. With that I wish you all the best in everything you do from hear on out.

Are you going to continue attending any cue maker related events? I am just sorry that I never got to meet with you. It seems with my interest in wanting to eventually becoming a cue maker, a lot of the premier "old schoolers" are retiring. But I guess thats the way it goes with every generation of anything, so I will look forward to the "new schoolers" that I have a chance to meet and speak with.

Again, best of luck to you Bill



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I guess you are finally retiring from the cue business and joining the ranks of us FROGs. (F***ing Retired Old Geezers) I'll bet you have some projects to keep busy with even if you are not building cues. Best wishes from one of your old Cotton Palace buddies.:thumbup:


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I plan on playing pool.

It is what I do best.

Bill Stroud


If you play pool better than you build cues, Look Out everyone. I've heard that you were a very good player and you should have plenty of time to play if you retire from cue making. I wish you the best of luck......



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Hi Bill,

I wish you the very best.

But how about the DYD cue? I just wanna some information if you still make it or not.

Best wishes.