Latest Addition - Half Joint Searing


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This cue finally came to me after seeing it at the US Open this weekend.
Took a few tug of war sessions but the tight grip that Kenny C. (fourkingscues) had on it finally gave way and it ended up with me.
This cue was made in 2004 and the year is turning out to be a good vintage of cues and a good winner for me (more details about at a later date).

The cue itself is the incredible half joint that Dennis has been perfecting where the shaft is much closer to the forearm (almost as close as a wood to wood joint) and the weight steel joint is reduced but still get that hit known for with a piloted joint.
It is the combination I truly love and have been chasing a second half joint cue for over 2 years now.
The hit of the cue is nice but have yet to give it ample time on the table (hopefully this weekend).

Enjoy the pictures (hopefully they do the cue justice).
All the accolades belong to Dennis for the design of this cue.

I want to thank Kenny for a great deal and if all good things come in 3’s I guess we still have one more deal to complete.
Thanks again!










"The Professor"
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Very nice!!!
It is interesting to see that cue, all of the progressions that his cues have taken...that is a fantastic example and just screams PLAYER!


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Great looking cue Myron. I love the ring work on this cue. Congrats on finally chasing your cue down.


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super nice cue Myron. Cant wait to hear how it plays, I know its going to be great


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myron, you've made some great pick-ups lately but this one is one of the best. i love the ringwork on this cue. i have to admit, little kenny always has the good stuff. congrats.



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Love the veneer combination on this one. Gives a very nice, soothing feeling to the overall outlook of the whole cue.


I'm back
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super nice Searing

Damn nice Cue Myron, congrats.
I saw you have some nice Deals on the US Open:eek::grin:.
Now we have to see your Collection too:yes::yes:


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Just awesome in every way! Love the soft blue veneer, and a straight grain forearm...that's gonna play great.


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Hey Myron,
I am very happy you like the cue,,i will have a few searing coming my way soon,,but i know the cue you want!!!! SZAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Is a hint lol,,,Thanks

BR ,,,Little Kenny


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Hey Little Ken,

I see you sold Myron a super beautiful Searing.....then again you only carry the ulitmate cues. Hope you had a great Open.

Greetings from Tibet my friend, I will call you when I get back.

Big Daddy


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Whats in Tibet? Are you seeking the 'knowledge and enlightenment'? I thought you already had that, Big Daddy.:)


Cue is simply awesome. Half joint Searings are just in another question. Well done.



< Searing Twins
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Hey Myron,
I am very happy you like the cue,,i will have a few searing coming my way soon,,but i know the cue you want!!!! SZAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Is a hint lol,,,Thanks

BR ,,,Little Kenny

I saw your Searing cue at the Open and it's a beauty. I met Kenny at Don Sherman's booth and he's one of the nicest people i've met in a long time. He happily showed me his beautiful cues and let me put my hands on them. He had some of the nicest Barry Szamboti cues i've seen and his Manzino cue was awesome. What a nice guy to get your Searing cue from........