***Let's see your Jeff Olney cues***


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I had him do the signature under the wrap and not on the outside. Does anybody know how many he did this way?
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Check this link. Scroll down for lots of pictures of Jeff’s work.
Jeff first came on my radar in 2005 and I ordered my first Olney cue from him and when it arrived I was so impressed and pleased that I ordered another one. And then another, then got some more on the secondary market.

Jeff's point work and fit and finish are among the best you will ever find at any price and playability of his 3/8 10 pin cues are incredible.

Bob Farr

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Here are my last 3 Olney's in my limited collection of cues.
4 point Pau Fero into Pau Fero with blue flame veneers. Purple, teal, blue and black. 5/16x14 piloted Joint.
Six point 3 high Amboyna burl with single black veneer and 3 low ebony. 3/8x10 joint.
Six point 3 high and 3 low Thuya burl points with black and white veneers. 3/8x10 joint. (My first cue from Jeff made in 2009)


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