Moderation Change and Rules Clarification


It's right under the forum optiions bar. However there's also an "X" on the far right side that allows one to dismiss this warning by clicking it.
Yep, click it and you'll never see it again.

It's not a trap, politics has been back in NPR for sometime now.

Mike will need to remove it for all users though, the pop-up notice.
unless the moderators have access to these pop-ups - not sure, they are mostly for news from tournaments etc.


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Some of you may have noticed a small change, as far as moderation goes, here on the forums. @MajorMiscue and @j2pac are new moderators and with their stepping in as moderators, now is a good time to clarify some of the rules here. This will not affect many of you, but those who like to post in the NPR area are asked to read over these rule clarifications.

Be respectful

This forum is for civil discussion. Consider this forum as your local pool room. Post with the same respect you would show someone at your local pool room. Disagreement is ok, but disrespectful insults are not.

In general, be courteous to others. Debate/discuss/argue the merits of ideas, don't attack people. Personal insults, troll accusations, hate speech, any suggestion or support of harm, violence, or death, and other rule violations can result in a permanent ban.

Personal attacks of any kind, directed towards members or non-members, will not be tolerated. Treat others with basic decency. Name calling, ad-hominem, demeaning, inflammatory, or other uncivil comments are not allowed

Where is my Freedom of Speech?

Although the constitution of the US guarantees that “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech”, AzBilliards forum is not Congress. Freedom of speech rights do not extend to this privately owned website. The guidelines of this website govern the behavior and activities of the members. If you choose not to follow the guidelines, you will be banned.

Public Disagreements with Administration/Staff or Guidelines

Do not argue on the board with a moderator or admin. Do not attempt to petition the owner/administration to change policy through posts, polls, petitions, or any other service. If you disagree with AZB policy or have suggestions for improvements you may respectfully post your comments via private message.


Complaints about products, services or organizations require accountability (your entire real name signed on the post).


Keep private correspondences private. Do not share private information regarding other users. Names, emails, street addresses, employers of other users are not to be shared.

If you see comments in violation of our rules, please report them.
The “Respect” things needs to be considered as it appears to have slipped through the cracks very quickly since these new rules have been implemented.



Someone seems confused between:

1. Debating based on the topic at hand
2. Debating a decision by a mod when behaviours have violated the rules of the forum


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Someone seems confused on the "Be respectful" portion of the rules. It may be helpful to share some examples of comments posted recently that are anything but respectful:

"You are really pathetic mate."

"You are delusional and ignorant"

"You really are a waste of time."

"ha ha, you really are delusional."

"You fit that arrogant stereo type American to a tee."

"Could not care less what crap you keep spouting out of your pie hole."

cookie man

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I am a CTE person and yes I’ve been banned from the aiming forum. But it seems the trolls who constantly disrupted the aiming forum, as far as CTE goes, want to follow me to the regular forum and make CTE comments. That should not be allowed. I have no interest in talking about CTE in the main forum and shouldn’t be hassled about it.


Yes.....those types of replies are your natural response to someone arguing based on facts and reason.

You always show your true colors.
With you, yes.
I have no respect for you at all.

You try and present one example as being universal.

Here is the dictionary definition of ignorant:


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We are indeed like guests in his home. Unfortunately some of the guests "drop trow" and take a dump in the middle of Mike's living room.

Well maybe the should institute GOLDEN RULE, but it is still Owner right to enforce as he see fit.

No set of rule will have 100% happy people,🫠


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yes we are guests. but it is a symbiotic relationship. if the guests leave he has no party.
and the more guests and posts, the more money comes in to the site for advertising.

and all parties have to have rules to be followed.

too heavy handed you lose the party and too loose you lose the party.
so far so good.


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Since you insert yourself into every combative thread, and start them yourself, how do you expect to not be debated?

Don't go into threads if you don't want to be debated.

this was addressed to one of the mods....makes sense, doesn't it?


Oh, for f’s sake, would you all give it a freaking rest???

I’m guilty too, but think of it this way: is there another way I can make my point taking the edge off the tone, and not be totally disrespectful?

Kinda like in a business environment, where you’re p*ssed as hell, write a poison pen email, then, because you’re a professional and you’re above it, you save the draft and revisit after you’ve calmed down. Then you rewrite it to something more appropriate.

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I am glad to see a slight improvement toward freedom of speech. I continue
to speak my mind, and avoid/ignore those who wish to control my speech
through the management or through government agencies.

Interesting how Twitter has exposed the weaponization of government

Not sure I will be back as, I have posted about 12,000 memes on another
forum without harassment. Additionally I have received many comments
about my posts and have been encouraged my that management.

It would be nice if LWW were to receive an apology for how he was treated.
Sorry if this has been clarified as I haven't looked in for a month or two.

How about it Hondo. Are you capable of making an effort and creating a
real apology?

Slide Rule

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As for respect, that is not something granted by or guaranteed by the management.
Respect is earned and given. Those without respect deserve none. They deserve
what they give.


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One quick clarification when it comes to posts. This is mostly for the NPR area, but I will go ahead and post it here.

Insults and name calling amongst members will get you banned. Insults and name calling towards public figures kind of comes with the territory of being a public figure. Let's keep it clean though. Vulgar name calling will get you banned.