Most Under Valued Cue Builder


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I am going to throw out a good word for Dmitry B. Komarov (DBK) cues here in AZ. I have one of his cues and I do not know if its the length, 60 inches, the weight about 18.5 ozs or the fact that I am playing it on a 9 foot table. What ever it is I am playing some of the best pool I have played in awhile. This cue just fits me. I can find no fault in the workmanship, if I had to make any comment that was not A+, it would be that I doubt he has a CLEAN ROOM/Paint Room for his finish work and there are a couple of MINOR Flaws in the finish and i do mean MINOR!!!


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For me, Bob Runde, Tom Coker, Bryan Mordt, Andy Gilbert are all cuemakers who I feel are under valued for the quality of cues that they produce.


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my best guess

under valued would be hard to determine..but under appreciated.

Mike Bender, Joey Gold, Bob Dzuricky, Chris Nitti would be my best guess.


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I know who'd I'd vote for, but I'm biased. I'll put a $400 Keith up against any cue out there, and I literally mean ANY cue out there.


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I go with Ryan at Mullers his Rat cues have such a great hit. By the way Ryan made me two shafts for my Davis and they are better than the originals.:)


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I've owned several customs along the way, but my favorite that I continue to go back to is Fanelli, RIP. I think for the work he did, his cues were fairly cheap, maybe because I knew him and hung out as his house so often.

I had 2 originals that he made for me and I was able to get what I paid for them. They hit amazing but I did sell them 7 years ago when I thought I was done permanently with my back injuries.

Do regret selling them everyday now, but lucky enough to find 2 more to put back into my hands.


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I Would Like To Change My Cue-Maker Nomination

On February 7th, I posted that my nominee for most under-valued cue-maker is Bob Owen........

Well, I have to eat some humble pie........spoke too soon..........I respectfully submit it is Jerry Rauenzahn.

My change in cue-makers is because I have since gotten my new cue from Jerry R. since my last post.

Ladies & Gentlemen, if you want to enjoy a great experience playing with a pool cue, have Jerry make
you a cue built to exact specs.....and believe me when I write he will hit the mark new cue is
so wonderful, it's beyond what I hoped for in balance, weigh, shafts, design, finish, and you feel the cue
on every single shot & there's a difference with the cue's feel shooting a stop, follow, draw or center ball
hit. Based upon my experience and my new cue, which is sure pretty too, Jerry Rauenzahn is the most
under-rated cue-maker that I know of. I am head over heels infatuated with the cue Jerry made for me.

Matt B.


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For me, I think I'd go with Bob Dzuricky. Makes a very high quality cue, easy to work with, and doesn't charge a arm and a leg.


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jerico cues

Jerico cues by Jerry Powers out of Texas is extremely underrated. I recently acquired a players cue and it hits as good as anything I have in my collection. I was shooting with a schon elite with a predator 314 shaft and a custom Ernie Martinez and I feel my Jerico cue is right there. Keep up the great work Jerry.

Keith in Colorado


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Everything Ken said and also I wanted to add that not only is his jump break cues great but his j/b cues can be players as well and fit nicely in a 1*2 travel case for international travel.

Agreed on Andy Jump Break cue. They are a fine playing cue for practically no money at all.

The other one that comes to mind for me is Rick Howard. Best playing cue for the lowest amount of money. I have NEVER heard a bad review of how his cues play. I use him for refinishes, retapering, and building cues as well. Probably the best kept secret in the industry. His jump/breaks are legendary "The Mace", and was used by practically all pro's for a while. Yep they are that good.




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Cory Barnhart. One of his entry level merry widows goes for around $500. You can spend way more, and get something that doesn't play nearly as well.

Joey Bautista. You're probably looking at a long wait to get a new one. If you can find one used, jump on it.
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I have to give my vote to Bryan Mordt (bcm cues). I've seen some really nice cue makes mentioned but some of them have fairly high end prices. Undervalued cuemakers.... not guys who build the best cue at any price. For my Money you can't beat a BCM cue.


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Out West it had to be Jerry Franklin (Southwest) first. His early cues sold for $125-175 and they were dandies, highly valued today if you can find one. Another very good cue maker from Sacramento is Tom Coker. Great playing cues for very reasonable prices. Of course his prices went up after his cues became so popular, but I can remember when he was selling them for under 200 each.

I was going to say Tom Coker as well. Many guys are looking for a stiff hitting cue these days with a unique sound, if you can buy a used or new coker, go for it. My first "serious" custom cue was a coker and I wish I hadn't sold it. Ivory joint, jp's, and everything for only 400 used! unbelievable...