My wife says I have issues?


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My wife says I have issues?I don’t think so, what do you think? There is quite a few more.


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Issue is a BULLS**T word, you may have a problem, if you are collecting Pool trinkets at expense of family.

So if your kids never see you, wife never sees you, or they don't have a reasonable quality of life because you spend all your extra income on Pool, not family. You may have a problem.

Think if you do have a problem, you need to be the judge of your hobby v/s family. Not Pool NUTS who will advise collect more, and better Pool Stuff....LOL


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Cowboy! My kids are all grown my wife wants for nothing and money is not an issue in my home. Happy King day to you.


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To those of us with similar issues, we can relate. And appreciate. It’s all relative. And we all know how we feel about those relatives

Keep it up. Great issues are hard to find.

~ K.


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Nah, my wife has got quite a few more pairs of shoes than that :)

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Your only issue is with your camera focus...or possibly a dangerous indoor smog phenomenon.

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Trust me there are member of society who put hobbies over family, like a guy I worked with in the 1970's. Going to the horse track was more important that family having food.

I'm fairly certain nobody else was aware of that, but thanks to you sharing it, the readership of the Internet might be saved from the same fate. Provided they can trust you...


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Only issue I see is that all of your cues fit on ONE table.

Need to work on that.