Need help on some WOOD


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hey guys i haven't been on here in such a long time.

well my question is do you think this setup would look good?? i'm going with a four point cue wrapless. the woods that i'm thinking of is ebony and tulip. tulip for the forearm and the handle and ebony as the points and the butt. i don't know what color veeners would look good. should i go with a third wood to add into the mix? also does anyone have a tulip and ebony cue i can look at. thanks for your help amigos


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Ebony and tulipwood

Very nice combination of woods. I think there were a couple around here with that set up. Not too many people online this weekend because of the US Open and all.

Fast Lenny's cue..

Quality Cue's cue.. actually, the forearm is Macassar but it's pretty close

You can probably search out some more. But these are some great examples.

Penrose Cues

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what about this?

What about this?


Tom Penrose


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ebony and tulipwood

4 prong ebony with no veneers into tulipwood forearm, sorry about the photos, chuck


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