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As you can all tell, we changed to different forum software this week. Here are the changes that apply to the For Sale area...

Posting in your own thread to bump it to the top of the page is still on a 48 hour delay. There is not a "bump" button anymore. It is simply based on replying to your own post.

Users will find a "sold" button towards the top right of a message that they posted. That will allow them to make items as sold.

Non Gold Members are allowed three posts per year. Any more than that will require becoming a gold member.

Image uploading is much simpler now. Just drag and drop the image onto you post when you are creating the post, and it should handle the photo.

On the subject of images on a post, when looking at the list of posts, the left most image on each post should be the first image that was uploaded to the post.

What is the maximum image size to upload?