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In my brief time here, I've noticed that I have somewhat taken a moniker occupied by an extended member. I will try a request for a new moniker/username, as to not be a copycat, and forge my own identity. Thank you all !

Not only that, but your real name is about the same as the owner of the website!


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That is a very classy move if I may so myself.


In my brief time here, I've noticed that my username is almost the same as an existing member. In the near future I will try and get a new username.


Hi folks,

my name is Chris and I live in mannheim (germany). I came across this forum many times in the last years and most of the times it really helped me out. Finally I managed to registere here and I am looking forward to have some nice discussion with you guys and maybe improve my english a little bit.

mannheimer ( this is how the citizens of my hometown Mannheim are called)


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Finally got my forum membership to work! :)
My name is Mark and I've only just started playing again after a many year hiatus...
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Hi everyone!

Great to meet you! My name is Andrew and I am from New Jersey, USA. I Played in both BCA and APA leagues for years and stopped playing when my team broke up about 5 years ago and have been playing recreational since. I love the game too much to stop playing all together!

I would love to potentially meet up with others here for some friendly games and look forward to picking the brains of the experts on the forum.


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I put this in the gallery forum, but i guess i probably should have put it here. Apologies for the double post:

Hey All - just joined and started playing again after about 20 years. (had to pay for beer in college somehow, now looking to play again). Wanted to share my new and old:

-Harry Richards break-jump from 1996. I knew Harry from when i went to college in Daytona from 93-97. He even let me do some shop work for him to ear a little extra cash or pay for a new tip, etc. This was supposed to be my break jump but ended up being my player since 96 (even though i didn't really play after college). When i moved to Greenville in 98, the finish had started flaking (he had tried a new mixture which was too hard) so I brought it to Baby's pro shop to get re-finished. I also had Mike Gulyassy make another shaft, since i had outgrown the 12.25mm i originally had.

Flash forward to today. I bought a Schon STL-9 as my player. I re-united with Mike and he re-wrapped it in white-black linen (blue mountain, and awesome job). I also had him make me another shaft for the schon, as well as a 13mm break-taper shaft for the Harry Richards. Played them both today and they are frickin' amazing. Exactly what I wanted.

I have a cue design that I want Mike to make, but that's going to be a bit so i got the Schon in the meantime, I've always been a fan, and I knew i would get the hit i wanted even ordering it online.

Finally, in doing a bunch or reading on this forum i did just find out last weekend that Harry has since passed away. Rest in peace sir.

Here's the pics:



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Hi everyone,

Been a lurker here for a bit. Started playing in '99. Stopped about 10yrs ago & recently picked up the game again. Hailing from hot & humid Singapore. **not all of us here are Crazy Rich Asians like in the movie** I'm definitely not one. Maybe just the crazy & asian bit minus the cash though.
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Hi. D+ player in NYC (but probably plays a little better than an actual novice). Interested in all things theory, form, competition. Just starting to play league more often, but have hundreds if not thousands of hours of watching the sport.

Pool Soup

Hi, I'm new here and I have a website we do video's of matches,drills,practice,15 ball rotation run outs. I'm also holding events in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Peoria and LaSalle County Illinois. I joined AzB to share some of my events. My fargo is 713 and I won both VNEA Master Events in Las Vegas in 2017 and ACS I won the National Master 8Ball and 2nd in the 9Ball 2018. Thank You for adding me Donny Branson.


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Hello, I found this website searching for help refurbishing my antique pool table. I look forward to learning more about the game while I am here


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Hello gang,

Pool enthusiast here, been playing the game off and on since i was 14 (15 years). Since i got out of the navy, i have been trying to get to the next level. Figured i would join the online pool community to give and learn what i can, as well as potentially buying some cues and finding out about the latest and greatest pool info.
I am Temiloluwa, Hail from the West. Yeah! west Africa, Nigeria specifically. I am a proud lover of snooker or pool. I long to bring about pool clubs in my community and also organize some international championship soon.
Proud to be here. Hope it's gonna be a lasting and exciting experience. Hope my speech is eloquent...hahaha. Obrigado.