New pool company, help pick our name!


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Horsefooker Apparel

Horsefooked Apparel

Who Ordered a HorseFookin? Apparel

Have a hunch? Bet a Bunch! Clothing

Yellow Bellied Coward Clothing

Ride the 9 Like a Pussy Shirts and Gear

You couldnt hit water if you fell out of a boat Clothes for Players

Want a spot? Fook you! Apparel

Let me know if you need my paypal. :thumbup:

No funny names please, those are for league teams. Looking for a strong serious name.


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I don’t want to do this. I’m doing this. Please see my earlier post regarding “I dont like these” comment.
HUH?????? I have no clue what you just said. You said all input welcome. Good luck with your venture.
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I am a fulltime Ebay seller with shoes and clothes as my main specialties so I have a wider understanding of brands and what works as well as what doesn't work. First you need to understand not only how the name sounds or what it means but also how it looks, here's some of the most popular obscure mid level brands out there:

Vineyard Vines

And for some that are above mid level with some funkier names:


For clothing for whatever reason Patagonia just stands out namewise the same way Mcdonalds does with restaurants. Not only that but you need a logo (Polo uses a polo player, vineyard vines uses a whale) that you can put on your tees/hats/hoodies along with your logo. For some of these brands the logo can be more important than the brand itself. Some of these brands will put bigger logos on their more higher end items that obviously stand out and automatically people will know you shelled out more money for those items.

There's a lot more to branding than just a name, a lot of these brands will make logos that are directly related to their business and or where they are located. You need to come up with a much larger list just for a starting point because branding is almost infinite and it matters more than people think.


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How 'bout these: "Broke Dick" or "Flat Busted" or "Flip It". I could go on for days. ;)


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No funny names please, those are for league teams. Looking for a strong serious name.

More serious eh....

Horsefooker Express Apparel

Bend Over so I can stick it in and Break it Off Action Wear

You Wouldnt Bet H20 is Wet Jerseys and Tees

If I had a Million Dollars and you had a Feather up Your Ass.... Players Apparel

Detroit Whiteys Kids for Wagers Tees

Dumbshit Shirt Company


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My choice is go with “Rack ‘ Em Up”...........universally known and accepted to mean let’s play some pool.
Really distinct name to recall and building a brand image & your advertising should be a lot easier for you.

Great name too for a pool parlor. I tried getting a trademark 20 yrs ago but it was denied for being viewed
as a colloquial expression and also popular & common usage. I think it is a great fit for a pool room name.

Matt B.


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Jacked Up Billiard Apparel
Foul Play Billiard Apparel
Got Balls Billiard Apparel
Chalk It Up Billiard Apparel


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Faded Action

All In Gear

Rollin' Solid

Thief of Dreams

7th Pocket

(copyright 2019 jimmyco)
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jay helfert

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They got it all wrong so far. Here you go - COOL POOL!
or Cool Pool Gear. You're welcome. :thumbup:


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Solids & Stripes
The Tangent Line
Push Out's
Cheat the Pocket
In The Zone