New pool company, help pick our name!


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I put on a hidden camera and went inside an ad agency today, will report back with names I overhear for your company.

Called a friend who writes better than I do, but he only wanted to give me one name and he wanted $5k.

Kindly don’t trash the names unless you suggest one yourself. If the list didnt need work I wouldnt have been posting.


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How about

"I'll send my buddy in first to play you" clothing.

More serious eh....

Horsefooker Express Apparel

Bend Over so I can stick it in and Break it Off Action Wear

You Wouldnt Bet H20 is Wet Jerseys and Tees

If I had a Million Dollars and you had a Feather up Your Ass.... Players Apparel

Detroit Whiteys Kids for Wagers Tees

Dumbshit Shirt Company


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Hire a company instead of asking for help on a forum and telling everyone they are wrong?

I hear you, a bit of a cliche though. Maybe a pool room, not a streetwear brand. I’m looking for something strong and fresh.


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Rack Off Stroke Wear

Rack Off
Stroke Wear

“Stroking It!”
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You know Matt. He's going to strike fear.
If you see his shirt, your hands will tremble so much that putting together your stick will become near impossible.

What are you going to do to set your company a part?


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God I love this place. Any time I start feeling too positive, content, or happy I come on here and just read. Then I say outlandish things to do my part, in case someone else out there was feeling too sane or similar.


I surprised that no one has mentioned RUNOUT!


Every pool player knows what it means and aspires to do it.

Logo should be simple.

Bill Stroud


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Stroke Job Billiard Fashion
BallBusting Billiard Clothes
Ball Breaking Billiard Apparel
Win & GrinWear
KoolPool Klothing
MoneyBall Clothing
GameBall Clothes
Rack the Stack Apparel
Breakers & Busters Clothes
Deep Pocket Fashions
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How about, "Going out of business" fashions?

Or, "I'm wasting my money" LLC.

Seriously though....I want you to be successful. Think long and hard before you sink a bunch of cash into this. But, if it's your life long passion - I wish you all of the luck in the world.


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I surprised that no one has mentioned RUNOUT!


Every pool player knows what it means and aspires to do it.

Logo should be simple.

Bill Stroud

If RUNOUT CLOTHING is taken, they can always do RUNOUT CLOTHING WEST?

(I'm kidding, Bill. I couldn't resist)


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Taken from QUARTER, a reference to putting your quarter on the bar box to play the winner.

Now that I've contributed - NO MENTION of your business model, design aspects, quality, target audience ("pool players" is too vague).

VERY different buyers and interests between a 60-year old 1pocket enthusiast and a 24 year old bar banger.

Which of those demo groups do you want?? From a Marketing perspective, do you even know the differences? Since your names all suck and you're asking total strangers for help, I'm guessing you don't

FYI, QWOTTA is also what your inventory will be worth if you don't start focusing on Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales Channels, and countless other issues.

The name itself is somewhat irrelevant....somewhat.

Ever been to the NYC or LA Garment Districts? Hundreds of thousands of otherwise perfectly good articles of clothing selling for pennies.

Most of them had really great names.....



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Here are a few...

No Quarter Apparel ... (have a picture of a pool ball with 1/4 of the ball high-lighted)
Not only Stixs
Forty-Stix & more... (can use any number you choose)
bILLARDS n moor
Start Sharkin
Straight Shaft...
& one of my favorites

Evil Touch!! (showing a pic of pretty girl holding a pool stick or other product you have) has many possibilities...

Do you have a name you want to use (meaning sur name)? Also what area or City you located in?

3 more... "Bowed Shaft".... & Touch Of Pool & Pool Touch!!
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Golden Break Clothing
GB Wear
Break & Run
Bank Shot
In stroke
Power Draw
D-raw Clothing


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CrOoKeD CuE GeAr
CrOoKeD CuE InC.
Chummy Waters
Chummy Waters Clothing
CutThroat Clothing
Dead Punch Inc.
Dead Punch Etc.
The Ghost Gear you could have a ghost with 8 balls for eyes
The Ghost Garb
Out of Line Clothing
Out of Line Inc.
Out of Line Etc.
Out of Line Outfitters

Frozen Balls with this you could use F B inside of an 8 and 9 ball instead of the letters
Frozen Balls Inc.
Busted Balls Inc. BB
Nit Buster
Nit Buster Inc.
Nit Cracker For this one you could have John Barton arguing with a cracker as your logo
Nit Cracker Inc.
Nit Cracker Etc.
Nit Cracker Clothing

Freeze Up Inc.
Freeze Up Etc.
Air Barrels Inc.
Air Barrels Etc.

3Foul Inc.
3Foul Etc.
3Foul Threads
8Ahead Attire


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I've been working really hard on launching a new company specializing in the Billiard niche. We've done a ton of work and are all ready to go just can't commit to the brand name. Like any of these? We're starting out with apparel for pool players then expanding from there. All input is greatly appreciated. Suggestions welcome. I'm looking for something that screams pool culture but will also resonate with the new generation.

So far I got:

Pack Animal
Velvet Stroke
GO OFF Pool & Billiards Co.
Win Some Lose None
Wasted Cueball
$troke ( “Money Stroke” )
Pool Player
Dark Horse
89 Billiards
Pool Gods
American Billiards

All In -- AI

All In Apparel -- AIA

All In Clothing -- AIC

I know it skews a bit towards poker but there's not a pool player alive who won't get it.

Lou Figueroa


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Pool fam, thanks to all who've actually tried to help out. Appreciate it.

Please no names with words like chalk, rail, wire, stroke, shot, runout, cue, etc.

I'm looking for a vintage slang word for a strong pool player.

Maybe something that was popular in the 80s or 90s.

What were popular words to describe a strong or really strong player?
Examples: Beast, Monster, Hustler, Pro, Shortstop, etc.
I don't mean nicknames like Magician, Pearl, etc unless it's a name few have heard of. I mean slang for strong serious player who walks away with the cheese or places high at tourneys.