Orlando pool scene

Poodle of Doom

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Places to play.

For BCAPL leagues, you can find that information, along with the days they play here:


For a list of NAPA leagues, please look here:


For VNEA leagues, please look here:


For APA leagues, please look here:


You can use the above information to not only find areas to play on leagues in your area, but in the surrounding area as well. For more local spots, I'll defer to anyone who lives in the area.


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Cuephoria in Winter Park
Racks in Sanford

Both have the best tables in central FL. Can’t go wrong with either.

I believe Rodney Morris is currently the house pro at Racks and available to give lessons.


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Don't forget Clicks North, lots of action, mainly one pocket. How you doing Paul, heard you were coming back to town.


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Yes Tom, we are moving back to Orlando soon. I will stop up clicks after we get settle. You still have the same phone number