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Greetings all,

a while back, Deanoc had what I thought was a splendid idea, which was having a tribute cue made to his Kling table. He gets the credit for the idea.

That being said, I followed suit and contacted Bob Owen, he is in the process of building me a tribute cue for my "Paragon" table.

pics are posted of the cue in progress, the design concept drawing, and a pic of the table I have.

Sorry about the image sizing.. I havent gotten that figured out yet.

I know I will :)


paragon cue drawing.jpg

tribute cue.JPG

tribute cue 1.JPG


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Thanks guys, it should be a great cue.

primary wood is Rosewood Lace burl and ebony points. I pretty much gave Bob free reign on design and wood choices.

as far as build specs.. 60", 18.5 - 19 oz, 12.75 mm shafts, 1/2" max length ferrules

I should get the cue around end of 1st quarter, 2017. Maybe Bob will post a few pics of the cue later as the build progresses.

best to all :)

Bob Owen

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Update on "Paragon"

thanks for looking

Bob Owen


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