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Dan White

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Cory paid $700 (and would have paid $900 if he lost the pill contest) for a set of ivory billiard balls and 1920's through 1950's clay balls, with the cue ball missing (replaced by plastic cue ball). I was surprised he paid that much, given that they low ball everything so much.

"What do we have here... the Holy Grail, complete with a COA from Jesus Christ himself? I can do 50 bucks. There just isn't much of a market for that kind of thing but it sure would look nice in the shop. OK, best I can do is $55, man."

This sale reminds me of a set of turn of the century scrimshawed balls my girlfriend found in an antique shop. I think we paid $45 or $50...did pretty well on that one.


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lol...When his dad finds out he paid that much he'll be mopping the floor while working the graveyard shift.


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I can't help but think these guys have a vault of cues somewhere. With all the action that comes through there, you know some players have pawned their stuff to get home/hit the casino/"win their money back"/etc etc. That is, if they even deal with cues at all. All my local pawn shops won't deal in cues.


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I was wating for the line,"i need to call in an expert" then watching Eric walk thru the door, that would have been epic.