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  • Hi Tanner... CeeBee here.. hope you are well. Things are great here, I'm another year old in September . I'll be 81. I'm still playing well & still selling BreakRAKs... Have a good one & gimme a call.
    Hey man, just came back from the shed, really nice table. They were having a few killer pool tournaments plus I got some action. Gonna head back tomorow in the day time to hit some balls.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Also, I heard Just In or Justin is the best pool hall in the city
    Hey man, I came across your post from years ago about Shanghai. I actually just got on a plane to go there for a couple weeks! Can you give me some advice about Pool there? Pool halls with daily specials? Where to find action? Weekly tournaments? Would be much appreciated, thanks man
    Tanner, to be 25 again, oh, my! Enjoy life to the fullest!

    I cannot believe you are already 23. My, how time flies. You have blossomed into a fine young man who is the perfect representative of our American pool youth. You are the future. Keep up the good work.

    I hope today brings you much joy!

    its been too long, i hope your good.

    please stay intouch, i been triple busy myself and not online as much as before,

    i aint going anywhere you can find me here, i check it 2-3 times a week even when i'm triple busy i just dot go to the forums and read. i just check in


    In the Forums here, Tanner. I'm Rick and... well... I would look in the past posts about our little enounters. BUt I know you have TONS of them so... eh... don't bother. I know that you've been doin your college thing and all, how's that going? I am temporarily resigning playing billiards altogether and just collecting books just as a talisman. Most imporantly, I am in the search for my degree in Aerospace Engineering. Well, take care and keep up playing pool, brah! -- Rick S.
    Hey Tanner, I hope things are good for ya. I used to be a regular a few years ago and I used to know ya. Take care, man!

    Are you planing on playing in the Pierre SDABA 10 ball tourney???? was talking to Barry and thought we would see if you wanted to play with me, him, and maybe my step dad Rick Banghart???? if you where not already playing....
    im going to do my best to go to desmoines, i really want to. hope u have been good.


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