Players with earbuds or earplugs?


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My view is that if they want to listen to headphones, go ahead, but I'm not going to run around waving at them to make sure they know what I am about to do.

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I always carry ear plugs in my case.
It's the weekend, they drink and get noisy on the weekends.
Music often can be too loud, as with the liquored up crowd.


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For years,I used NRR 34 shooting type foam ear plugs to combat background noises where stuff like a clanking beer bottle isn't covered up by music,like in certain tournament environments. I pay real close attention to the sound of my cue on contact,so I hear shit in the background that a lot of people miss. I'm not totally deaf using these,you just have to get a little closer for me to hear you if we need to speak.

Now,with that being said,once the technology came available to use a nice,streamlined set of earbuds (wireless now) and my phone to control the playlist in places where maybe I don't dig the in-house music (if there is any) then I'm ON it,but have never used them in any kind of big enough tournament where they might have a rule against it.

In places where my opponents might be wearing them,we kind of came up with a non verbal form of communication where if we are pushing out,we just make eye contact and use a pushing gesture with a hand and we get the idea. I've never personally had an incident where my opponent's earbuds caused an issue if a point needed to be made.

I've also never had an opponent object to me using them. If asked,I wouldn't,depending on how the message was delivered.

However,my own have caused distractions before. Maybe a wire is starting to go bad and going in and out and have to fool with it. Other times,the music player in my phone will stop in between songs when the shuffle setting is on,and have to stop and access it in between shots. I've also had them come loose in my ear or come out and have to stop my pre-shot routine to correct it.

As far as my playlist,almost all of it is classic rock/80's metal,but a BUNCH of Dream Theater too,total of 172 tracks. Tommy D.


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In the past if I had an opponent using earbuds or not paying attention I would make it a point to get their attention to call a shot, now I dont even bother looking to see if they can hear me or if they have they maybe put their phone down finally, I announce my intentions and shoot. If they missed my call that is their problem, not mine, we are here to shoot pool, not play with phones or find a favorite soundtrack.


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I will say I was a little annoyed every time I wanted to tell them I was pushing out after the break or other situations. I am thinking is it my responsibility to make sure they hear me or understand if they can’t hear? Curious what a ref would say
Not your problem.


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I been playing in regional, state tournaments and opens recently and noticed more and more players using earbuds for sounds or earplugs for silence while they play... Curious if you use them and what your listening too? I assume your favorite music but one guy said he listening to mediation and hypnosis performance sounds... Just seems strange but wanted to see what anybody else thinks about it. What links are you all doing to try and get an edge?

I wear ear plugs only when playing loud disrespectful people. I can still hear my opponent talk directly to me, but it cuts out background noise.

Listening to music is different (to me). I will pass on that.


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There was a place a couple miles from my house back about 20 years ago that had all Diamond tables and was set up pretty nice. Except...Friday night was also Karaoke night. That was some miserable shit to shoot to. Ear plugs/buds would have been nice.
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When Covid hit I started only going to the pool hall in the mornings before they opened. Usually the day guy was cleaning and whatnot so I started to bring my air pods. And I love it. No wires or anything and I get to listen to my music instead of the crap on the juke box. But I’ve never worn them playing anyone. That just seems like a dick move.

but I’ve seen Ray Martin wearing earplugs many, many times during sets.


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AirPods are a God send when you’re in a pool hall practicing by yourself. Normally it’s a signal that I want left the eff alone, and if someone cranks the jukebox I can drown that out.

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I wear them whether it's practicing or playing someone heads up. I pay attention to the game so communication is never an issue. Some people might think it's rude but I'll do me and you do you.