Poll: What game is the the best test of skill?

What game is the best test of skill?

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What game is the the best test of skill?

Just curious about what everyone thinks is the game that is the truest test of skills.
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IMO rotation brings out all the facets of the game most. The others..banks, 14.1, 9ball, etc...generally specialize in one or two areas more than others just because of the nature of those games...

Playing rotation on a well spread table can make it a shootout game like 9ball, a cluttered table can make it a slow and tricky like one pocket, balls laying/locked up in odd positions might need to be banked or caromed, and on and on...

IMO rotation is the most complete game, and thats why you need to have a complete set of skills to play it well. Just my $.02 ;)
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Just curious about what everyone thinks is the game that is the truest test of skills.

I voted for 1-Pocket, in my opinion this game combines all the skills needed to play all the other games combined, and it adds additional skills that will further improve your game.


Kenny Wilson
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They are all great tests of skill....
I would put an all-around games together, This would determine whom is the best player.


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I voted for one pocket. 14:1 offers almost no opportunities to shoot kicks or banks, and you usually play safe instead of shooting a tough shot. One pocket makes you use every bit of your existing knowledge, and also makes you learn some specific skills, like object ball control.

But, I think full rack banks has the least amount of luck in any pool game, you have to call every shot, no kisses, combos, or caroms...The better player almost always wins in this game.


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Just curious about what everyone thinks is the game that is the truest test of skills.
Which skills? Shotmaking? Strategy? Saftey? Endurance? Concentration? Banking? Specialty shots? All skills?

If you are talking an overall skillset, probably 14.1.


Patrick Johnson

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One Pocket - no contest

Without a doubt one pocket demands the most refined and widest range of skills, including all the skills necessary for straight pool, banks, etc. plus some that are unique to one pocket, like combined CB/OB ball speed control, constant two-ways and safeties, extreme precision cue ball control, frequent critical predictions of multiple ball paths, frequent precision kicks, frequent combinations and carom shots, intense tactical concentration, plus a much higher level of creativity than other games.

Nothing else comes close. If this poll was conducted in Chicago I'd be able to vote the number of times one pocket deserves.



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Straight pool, but why the marathon game to 300? Game to 150 is test enough.

I would say that 300 points is a better test than 150. I know a lot of people that can run 150 balls but not many can run 300. So if say a good player but not a pro runs 150 balls the match would be over. But in a 300 point match you can have the weaker player still run that many but the better player (Hohmann, Schmidt, Sigel) can still overcome that in the long run. I've seen pros lose to much weaker players in a150 point game (not often though) players who wouldn't dream of playing the pro in a longer match.


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Pretty tough question. I guess it depends how much you weight certain skills (making long thin cuts) vs. other skills (making jump shots).

I mean, we can all agree a game that tests shotmaking is useful, but do you rank a game that demands better shotmaking (like 9b/10b) higher than a game that demands breaking up clusters and moving through traffic (8b)?

I voted 14.1 reluctantly. Yes, there are far fewer banks than 1p, and far fewer kicks than rotation-type games. And there's no testing of your jumping skills, which I'm sure some of you will say shouldn't even be part of the equation. But I think pool is ultimately about pocketing balls, playing shape, planning, breaking clusters, and making pressure shots. You can do all of those things in any of these games but in straight pool, you pocket more balls (and have to play more shape) than any other game. You have to break more clusters too, though 1P features a lot of bunting. And you actually see a lot of tough shots in straight pool. The rack is wide open and they can shoot any ball in any pocket. You just happen to have fallen where nothing easy is available. Do you sell out on a false safety, knowing they'll probably get a look at SOMEthing? Nope, you try that tough backwards 7 foot cut or whatever. Or, god forbid, you bank one. Almost all of those weird shots come up eventually.

I want to give 1p the credit it's due, but I feel the game focuses less on shotmaking than other games. Yeah you see some fantastic shots during an 8 and out runout, but mostly you see guys maneuvering and 10 safes per actual ball shot. More common than the spectacular runout with lots of weird thin cuts and precision shape is the regular joe who makes four open balls, ducks, plays safeties and knocks out a more shots, traps the other guy... eventually gets a shot at another open ball or two, and finally gets out.


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Best test of Skill

I think one pocket is. It requires you to be strong in all aspects of the game of pool. Your opponent can take advantage of your weakness(s). One pocket requires a ton of knowlege and intelligence (it is a form of a chess game) to play at the highest level.

What I would like to know is how many players voted for the game that they are the best at as being the toughest game?

I play 9 Ball and 10 Ball and I rarely play one pocket or straight pool (the second toughest game to play).

Cameron Smith

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14.1 and/or One Pocket.

14.1, the one pockets the most balls wins. You can't get much purer than that. You also need a complete mastery of shot making, cue ball control and safety play.

One Pocket, utilizes at one point in time in a match, every skill that can possibly be developed on a pool table.


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mostly agree with Cameron Smith, and CreeDo of course. I voted for 14.1 though I believe One Pocket is also very good blood tester. In terms of intelligence it is even more demanding than Straight Pool.
And straight is the only real game ;)