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  • Hope it's a good one!

    Old man? Imma gonna drive out to Okiehoma and put the ferrule where the sun don't shine! ;) (That's my way of saying I miss ya bud, hope alls well)
    Are you really 29? Holy Young'n! My B-day is tomorrow. No wonder I like you so much. Pisces are cool peeps!

    Hey, dude. I tried sending you a message & wanted to let you know your inbox is full, so it didn't go through (that's what it told me, anyway.) I'm too lazy to rewrite Wasn't important. Just a heads up in case someone else tries to message you. Peace!
    What up, dude! I haven't been on here a whole lot past few weeks. I read a few of your posts and I like your way of thinking thinking... (That means they're good posts.):)) Keep up the good posts, and I'll see ya around!
    Grrr...can't rep you b/c I need to spread more :/ I'm good, Troop! I'm still here ;) Just take breaks from time to time, but not going anywhere. Hope all's well, Michael!
    Thanks for the rep buddy, but I didn't knock him out, he would have to be concious in the first place for that to happen.
    Have managed to develop an infection due to last weeks improper inserted cathator. Now in excrutruciating pain etc. all. Please advise all our friends I won't be posting much till this is cleared up. I am at home trying to rest............
    Thanx for the rep Michael ........isn't this fun .....? I'm about to continue the total beatdown of Dubster and his clan soon bro , Mark
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