Predator Crest Chalk

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Purchased a gross, good stuff.
Not cakey''.
Each cube compared to the box I HAD, will last TWICE as long as the Masters chalk.
My gross might of been a box that had been in storage in a damp climate.
But even the dry Masters, I don't think is as good.
But this chalk I like.
Also.... I won't have to vac my table as often.
The balls stay cleaner longer + my hands are allot cleaner after play.


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Glad to hear they came out with another offering. The old predator chalk was the dirtiest I tried.
That was compared to Master, Triangle, Blue Diamond, Tiger, and Magic.
With the V10, I vacuum my table every other month just because I feel I'm supposed to do it rather than it needs it.
Had to vacuum every other week with the old chalk.
Thanks for the review. Let us know how long it lasts and how clean it is after a while.

Island Drive

Otto/Dads College Roommate/Cleveland Browns
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M.M.... Take a guess :).


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That’s about 28 cents a piece. That’s cheaper than Masters.
How can that be better than my $19 Toam.
The chalk world is crazy.