Question: Why do People Pay to Sign up to get Slaughtered?


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I understand from others here that pool needs large field tournaments to help pay for the costs of the tournament and to keep the prize money fairly healthy. So, understanding that, then the OP should try to understand a mindset that says: I love the game, I love to compete, I can only get better, not worse, if I play among the best and pay attention to what they do that I don't do, that winning money is not my primary goal in entering a tournament, losing the entry fee, to me, is no big deal - etc. etc.- therefore; anyone who wants to and is willing to pay their own way should enter without judgement by others.


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So if I enter DCC as dead money at $160, do I still get to hang around after elimination and watch the later rounds? If so, that might be cheaper than just buying spectator tickets and going to watch :ROFLMAO: 🤪
Not sure if anything has changed, but based on how it used to be that is precisely one of the reasons the bank pool event (the lowest entry fee event) has so many entries in it, because players get to spectate the whole event. Cost wise it works out to be in the same general ballpark as paying spectator fees for the event I believe, but as a player you get to play an event too. Almost a no brainer if someone is going to be there for most/all of DCC anyway.