RIP Scott Lee

The Chipsta

I will always have the signed $1000 bill to remember him by:D. Only met the man once but I could easily see why he was loved by many.


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Very saddening to hear this. I just spoke with him two weeks ago about getting lessons from him down here in Florida. ☹️


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I'm so sorry to hear this. I took a lesson with him several years and learned a lot. He was quite a gentleman. His loved ones are in my thoughts.


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May nothing but the absolutely worst of luck follow and haunt the thieves who stole Scott’s cues their remaining days.
Scott invested a lot of time, effort and money creating his collection only to have it snatched away just like his life was.

This is really a tragedy beyond one’s initial impressions. He touched so many lives and conducted himself with grace &
dignity despite some of the antics that came up around these parts. Nope, he was a class act and he’s hard to replace.
Very well stated! I was thinking about Scott and those thieves this morning while doing some of the drills I learned from him. I hope those thieves get the justice they deserve.


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Sad news indeed. Scott was a valued friend with whom I socialized on a few occasions. He'll be missed.


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Long time renowned instructor and friend to many, Scott Lee, has passed away from his battle with cancer.

he will be sorely missed.

"Playing pocket billiards is not about gambling. It's about competitive spirit, a desire for excellence, and having fun!" ~~ Scott Lee .

Scott Lee, pool instructor extraordinaire, has passed away. He had a brief battle with cancer. He was always kind to me in our exchanges. He will be missed by so many, I know. May he rest in eternal peace.

Scott Lee has been playing pocket billiards for more than 40 years, and teaching professionally since 1977. He has been a PBIA Certified Instructor since the inception of the program. Beginning in 1995, striving to change the image of pool, Scott has toured 8-9 months of the year, with his Traveling College of Billiard Knowledge shows, entertaining and teaching audiences at colleges, universities, military bases and poolrooms everywhere! -Jennie AnnView attachment 609590
Very sad and surprising news. I haven’t been on the forum for a week as my dad passed away on Monday and it’s been a busy week. Scott couldn’t have been much over 70?

I met and talked to Scott at a few pro tournaments I attended as a spectator over the years. Scott always had plenty of time for anyone who wanted to talk with him, regardless of your station in pool.

I never did get a lesson with Scott. I reached out to him a few years ago when my game was in a terrible slump. He said he’d get in touch next time he was traveling through my region. When I texted him a little detail about what I was struggling with, he basically solved my issue and ended my slump with one simple piece of advice delivered in a text. I knew immediately if he could help me that easily with one simple text, imagine what could he do for my game in a 3-4 hour lesson?

Our pool family has lost one of our great ambassadors and one of the highest regarded instructors in the industry. RIP Scott.

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Part of my midwest youth, ''may you keep on hittin' em and never look for chalk on the floor again''. RIP

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I knew Scott for over 20 years. I first started taking lessons from him. Then I bartered some lessons in exchange to build his website. Then we became friends and for the last 20 years every time we were in the same city together we would play pool all day and night. Scott was one of the few people that I could go to the pool hall and play with for 16 hours straight 3 days in a row.

Scott was a super fun, kind human being that was extremely passionate about billiards. I will never forget how Scott helped me meet new people when I moved to Montana. He had lived here for quite a few years, and when I moved up there and got screwed over by an employer, Scott held a little tournament at MSU to introduce me to a bunch of his friends. He paid for all the table time and put up $200 in prize money out of his own pocket. He loaned me money until I got back on my feet and could repay him.

I talked to him a couple weeks before he passed. Although having a grave diagnosis of melanoma cancer, Scott was positive and getting ready for treatment. He was so positive, I didn't realize how dire the situation was. I called and texted him over the next few weeks never getting a response. It was too late, and that was the last time I would ever speak to one of my best friends.

Rest in peace Scott. I will miss you greatly.



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I somehow missed this news. I just had my first lesson with Scott in April of this year. If ever someone was his profession, Scott was a billiards instructor, 100% dedicated to his trade. I learned a lot from our lesson and considered it money well spent. He was an asset to the pool community, and will be missed.