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Ya know, nothing that requires a lot of responses or anything. I know that I mentioned before that I have nothing against the new format.

But, I have been spending a bit more time in the Sale Forum in the last few days than before. Getting itchy again I suppose. I haven't tried to make any posts as I figured that we aren't allowed to.

But man. Sure a lot on nice stuff going on there. I just feel that I would love to say something in a few of these threads. Not for a personal Bump or anything, just a compliment.

If a person Bumps a thread, and puts yours down a notch, just bring it back up.

I don't know what to think now. Guess that I will just send a PM and say, Wow, nice cue. And help fill peoples in boxes up

Just kidding of corpse. Must be a way to appease both sides.
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Blue Hog ridr

World Famous Fisherman.
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Yeah Uncle Howie. They Hate us in NPR.

You know how we are. And none of us play pool either, right.


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I really wish they would consider some of my suggestions. Especially 2 and 3

Bishop said:
I personally hated the excessive bumping but also enjoyed the knowledge that came from legitimately informative posts that actually added something.

I don't claim to have all the answers but I think my ideas bring together the best of both sides.

1. Cue flippers, cue sellers, dealers and cue makers should be afforded their own subsection to advertise independently from the For Sale Forum.

IE - for 200 bucks a year you'll have your own subsection to post your items for sale, share your current work and post to your own gallery. This could be customized in many different ways. These "pay for" subforums have been successful on many other forums. Your own little retail/advert area.

They can still use the BST forum but this gives them another provenance here on the forum to showcase from.

In the For Sale forum -

2. Install a mod that allows posts but prohibits the posts from bumping the thread.

3. Install an autobump feature. Each thread will autobump every 72 hours for a limit of 90 days or until sold. Gold members and "pay for" subforum members will receive autobumps at every 48 hours.

4. If you wish to pay for your listing (a dollar or two a listing) it will autobump every 24 hours for a limit of 90 days or until sold.

5. Install a mod that allows the OP to change the thread to "SOLD". Which locks the thread.

These few changes will control the bumping without stifling the conversation. The subforums open up a stream of revenue and allow those who want to pay a place to showcase their work. I know I would pay for one.