SBE Results

How successful was your SBE in terms of orders/sales?

  • Fantastic! Thank goodness the economy is recovering.

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • Pretty good. It's about time people start spending money again.

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • Not good. The economy is still in the dumper.

    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • I have more than enough orders right now, and just went to see old friends.

    Votes: 2 14.3%

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Mr Hoppe

Sawdust maker
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I heard there were thousands of people at SBE this year, and it sounded very positive. How successful was your SBE in terms of orders and sales?


slower than snails
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Lots more people than last year, but not sure how many were buying. I heard mixed reviews from the sellers I talked to. Some guys sold out, some sold more than enough to cover the trip, and some flat did nothing. I have to say I was surprised at what was moving & what wasn't. Lots of production cues being sold, too. But not much beer. The partying was ultra weak. That's ok I guess because those who were partying were good looking folks LOL That always brightens the party.


AzB Silver Member
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We did ok. The cue repair side of our business was down some with 8 people doing repairs downstairs. The case sales were good.
It was better than last years numbers.


AzB Silver Member
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Sbe impression

This was mine and my wifes first visit to the sbe. I was not impressed. We walked thru every booth with very little acknowlegement as to if we needed any help much less any inquires if we had any questions. I was there as a buyer. Quite suprised that everything was cash and carry for a volume buyer. Meuller seemed to be the only vendor to accept credit cards. As a business owner it would be easier to cc it instead of cash. Cudo's to unique, bryan and jim, they made it easy to purchase numerous items, john rocker took time out to discuss some things, and dan dishaw was extremely gracious and willing to share info on repairs as was john bertone with kamui. Maybe someone would consider a designation between buyers and spectators(guests), possibly with tags identifying each as such. As a room owner i feel we do everything we possibly can to further the sport of pool and ingest new life into the sport with new items and info. I know the tournament was important to most people attending but i dont thing the vending aspect of the sbe should totally take second fiddle. I guess i will be a little smarter at next years sbe. This is my personal opinion. Any feedback is always greatly appreciated. Cribbeecues - owner rack-m pub & billiards