Schick Ferrari Scrimshaw Cue


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This is one of my favorite cues, a real pleasure to hold in person.
Bill Schick does all of his own scrimshaw work, the only hall of fame caliber
cuemaker who does this. Playability is superb!
Each car is different, all are exact detail, the Eastwood case goes well with the cue.
I don’t “take this one out” very much, just to Shooters Olathe a couple of times a year.
No, I don’t shoot better with the cue, but I may get around the table a little faster.

Will Prout


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What beautiful case and cue

Will Prout has a really beautiful collection of rare works
Thank you again for sharing with us

Not only here but in many other places no telling how many cue makers and collectors
would credit Will for making possible the whole thing

Here is a fella that belongs in the pool hall of fame


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Bill's Best

Bill made awesome Theme Cues.
I've been a Bill Schick Fan since the early 90's.
Bill's Scrimshaw/engravings is, his true custom works.
The true meaning of "Hand Made"..

Bill told the story, that, he wanted his name engraved on his cues.
Bill would hang and play pool, and, a gentleman, who "Worked" upstairs
as an engraver, would come down to eat lunch in the pool room.
Bill asked the gentleman if he could engrave his name on his cue.
The gentleman replied, that why don't he come upstairs and learn how to engrave his name himself..
And, that was how Bill started to learn about ( From the best) , and, the start of Bill's Scrimshaw works.
and, that gentleman was the master Gun Engraver, , Edward C. Prudhomme (1911-1990).

While Bill's Scrim style might not be like the other Scrimsanders (commissioned by Cuemakers), Bill Schick has his own "Style" that we all admire.
Forgot to mention,
Will's Cue has Bill's "signature" on the Butt Cap.
A very special cue, indeed...

Congrats on owning one of the many significant cues that Bill Schick created.
Hey Bill, you O.K. ? :smile:
Alton Takata
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Will, that's one of the most spectacular box style cues I've ever seen. Some of my favorite styles, by the way, including the ones by Joss, JossWest, and Ernie.

All the best,


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I am not worthy to comment. But that case and cue are amazing. Thanks for posting pics.