Scott Frost retired?

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So is Scott a card dealer now?

Has he really not played since the bonus ball fiasco?

Did he officially say he was retiring from pool? Or will he be at DCC?

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I believe he is on the road right now and doing pretty good. Bonus Ball is supposed to be set to go again for a short duration of filming for TV in November and from what I know the players are on board and being paid now so I would expect to see Captain Frosty back doing his thing.


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I truly hope Scott Frost is pursuing/has pursued Dealer School. It's always great to have formal education under one's best—no matter the knowledge. I feel it will make Frost a more well-rounded individual. May even make his game better. (My own higher education did all that for me as well).

IMO Frost will not retire; he's too darn good (and too young) a player to hang the cue.

Hope to see him at future events; not the least of which I hope is the DCC and Bonus Ball.........
......of which I have ALWAYS believed in. I truly believe Bonus Ball will continue and succeed.

Please, no more gripes and criticisms about Bonus Ball. It really hurts to see our fellow innovators not given their due credit when all they are trying to do is expand our sport.
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I hope he goes to school too.

THEN he can make his own decision on what HE wants to do instead of being TRAPPED into something.

I wish him the best in WHATEVER HE WANTS. He has provided me many hours of enjoyment watching him play one pocket.