Selling Pool Room and Strip Center in Greensboro, NC

Gate City

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I am interested in selling both the room and the building.

The room is 8,000 square feet with 17 table, 8 dartboards, a ping pong table, a lounge area and a private room with two of the tables the darts and ping pong.
We currently have 85 APA teams, 13 USAPL teams and 4 dart teams.

The building is 11,800 square feet with two bays not occupied by the pool room, both rented. One is a fully equipped Pizza Restaurant all of the equipment is owned by me.

Not interested in getting into discussions on this post. Please email at


Below is a link to the website and below that a link to a virtual tour.

Gate City Billiards Club

Virtual Tour


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Best of luck with your next chapter in life.

I've been in there a few times and found it is as nice as it appears here, both inside and out.

Good area too... With plenty of parking in the lot, as I recall.


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It’s a great deal. Worth considering for anyone who’s looking for a good opportunity.

I can’t make it work at this time, but for someone who can-it’s good. I did some homework on it and it’s a solid deal and fairly priced.

If I didn’t have so many balls in the air presently it’s something I’d do. I’m spread too thin presently building houses in LA. I was considering stopping that, but market is too strong and just bought 2 more. Have 4 $6M-$7M builds going this year.

I’ve been around pool a very long time and know the biz-I spoke to locals and other people in the biz. All only had good things to say.

Not cheap, but the ROI is very good and it’s well established.



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I've been in here a few times over the years during business trips in NC...This is a fantastic room and business and I hope whoever buys it keeps it as nice as the current owner!