Shaw vs SVB updates


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Shaw wins 120-80 with record winning margin of 40. Only time Shane led in this match was at the start 2-1 and after that Shaw led all the way. Unbelievable
Was this really a gambling match or just another exhibition?


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Was this really a gambling match or just another exhibition?
There was mention earlier they were getting paid by the streaming service. So Getting paid no-matter would definitely effect how hard you try if true but I believe as said too Shane is flat wore out. He flew 20 + hrs to play back to back , back money matches for week or two, then back for the open to straight into this, even a 18 year old athlete would be wore out from that


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Everytime I hosted pros at my room they chopped prize money. So they really don't lose.


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If I am not mistaken, the record for biggest winning margin in these looonnnng races between even opponents was SVB v Orcollo 35 racks, Score 120-85. (AtLarge would be able to confirm this record)
Recent Gorst v Biado was 34 (Score 120-86)
So Shane now has to try to not break that record of 35 :D
Yes, that SVB/Orcollo 10-Ball match in 2019 was 120-85. So the 37-game margin in this match (118-81 by my reckoning) beats that.


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Again, Shane was tired/burned out.
Also the ppv "big money" matches are bs imo.
"Hey everybody, me and my friend are gonna put up $1,000,000,000 each in a 21 day race to 5,000. Make sure you pay for my crappy stream daily and watch boring af rack after rack monotony."
It's the WWE of pool...