Sherm Adamson, Master Cuesmith and Beloved Friend has passed away

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Damn. I knew Sherm when I lived in Cincinnati in the 90's. Bought a cue from him and visited his shop once. Always a very nice guy and absolutely loved the game.

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I will add more very soon.
I'm sorry for your loss , I knew Sherm also. I was at his shop in the basement next to the river, I could have never lived there the way I drank, I would have rolled down that hill and drowned myself .


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Sherm was a longtime internet forum guy. He was probably a member in AZB from the earliest iteration.

I wrote his article in a InsidePOOL Mag, and I thought very highly of him. RIP Sherm Adamson.
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Sherm was always warm and friendly with me. He had a strong passion for pool and new the pool scene well. May he rest in eternal peace.