Should we start a petition to change the 5 ball back to orange again?

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Ok so I’m totally on board with hating the purple 5. But what’s all this about the brown 7? Are we all interior decorators now and maroon and brown are so different from each other?

It reminds me of picking out cupboards for my kitchen when I said I wanted white door panels. They pulled out like 10 options of white. Don’t get me started on all the options for black.


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WHY people feel the need to constantly re-invent/interpret CLASSICS of any kind is beyond me. The standard (read PERFECT) pool-ball colors have stood the test of time and in NO WAY should be fk'd with. ALL the t.v. colored balls and these HORRIFIC pos Black sets should be ground into dust and scattered in the wind.


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Ok so I’m totally on board with hating the purple 5. But what’s all this about the brown 7? Are we all interior decorators now and maroon and brown are so different from each other?
Reference to the 6 7 8 balls.
6 green, grass.
7 brown, dog poo.
8 black, dirt.
Was this color scheme someone's joke?


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I will go along here for the fun of it, but there are probably forces at play.
I do like orange 5 balls though.

I’m the wrong guy to start a online petition because I don’t know how to use the interwebs that good.

But I’m a life long pool player and gambler. The “orange crush” is the 5 and the break. Who wants a “grape crush”?

If we get a petition started I’ll deliver it to Karl Boyes of MR as I’ve know him for 15 years. Or at the very least he can point me in the right direction and we can create a voice loud enough to correct this tragic assault on pool as we know it.

I fully support MR and everything they are doing in pool, I believe we all should get behind them and support their effort. They play players, create content, will give rail birds something to bet on.

Everything but purple 5 balls.

It’s a necessary change to restore what little order we had in pool. None of us ever complained about the 5 ball. God knows we have argued everything else into the ground 10X over. But show me one thread about how bad the orange 5 is. We all have common ground the orange 5 was correct. Possibly the only thing in pool that has been correct all these years.

We can start a international movement here, now is our chance.

Fatboy<——-making the 5 orange again


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In a recent interview when talking about and defending the purple 5 ball, Emily Frazer among other things said something along the lines of "we haven't had any players shoot the wrong ball yet" with the clear implication being that this proves that switching a standard traditional color over to a new ball (as in shifting purple from the four over to the five ball) is not a big deal.

My response...
1. It is only a matter of time until they shoot the wrong ball because of it because every player by natural default (except for color blind players obviously) sees the order of the balls exclusively by their colors (just like they do in snooker), and those colors have been the same and essentially set in stone for over a century and 99.99999999% of ball sets in use today are still using this standard.

2. The only reason a player hasn't shot the wrong ball yet with Matchroom's non-standard color scheme is because the players are making a strong effort to double check the ball numbers on every shot so the don't end up making that mistake. Every ounce of their being naturally wants to go by the colors, and since the standard colors they know the balls by and that are used in 99.99999999% of places are so ingrained in them, this would naturally lead to a disaster when non-standard colors are being used if they weren't making such an effort to double check and verify. A big problem with this is that players should be able to devote all of their focus to their performance and shouldn't have to have the distraction of having to devote some of that focus to consciously making an effort to double check which ball is which.

3. The viewers can rarely see the ball numbers and so they don't have the luxury of being able to use the ball numbers to be able to see which ball is which like the players can and have to rely solely on the colors for identification. Yes, while watching a match the viewers can constantly try to remind themselves that this event is using a non-standard color scheme, but because the standard color scheme of 99.99999999% of balls sets for over a century is so firmly ingrained in them most will still tend to get confused about which ball is which fairly often which makes for a significantly less appealing and pleasing viewing experience.

Replacing the traditional standard ball colors with other colors, and especially shifting a traditional standard ball color from one ball over to another (like shifting purple from the four ball over to the five ball), has a negative impact on both the players and the spectators.
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Maybe the 8 ball should be clear. What's with all the dumb colors now, that nine ball looks like it's high on crack.


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My bitch isn't about the fact that they changed a balls color. The pink 4-ball and black and yellow 9-ball don't bother me and I don't give a shit what color the cloth is but ORANGE is a very visible color and making the five ball purple which is much less visible is senseless. You can make the five ball some other weird assed color if it's brighter for TV or floats you boat but when I see purple I see a four ball.


It truly is a slippery slope, in the near future it will be considered toxic to have balls out in public at all. It seems unanimously agreed upon that our beloved five ball is orange. There will always be a ball maker who agrees, and we will support them to success. This minority influence in the pool community has no real authority outside of their broadcast, which is less cool because of this.
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