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Every tournament should have a mini tourney with a 10 second shot clock just to see how appealing it is. Kind of like a blitz game in chess. I'm not saying change it permanently, just an experiment.


Im a fan of a chess clock for 1p, each player gets 20 minutes of time per game with an added 15 second increment every inning. To me this would make 1p more tense. This would also add another element to gambling - 1 player getting less time than their opponent as a handicap.


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Current state of pool:
More money in pool NOW than there has ever been in the history of the game.
More available free and premium content to watch and learn than there has ever been in the history of the game.
• More people play (including chinese 8 ball) than at any point in the history of pocket billiards.

Pool just doesn't get the attention it used to get! Who cares - almost every sport/game is dealing with the same issue (ie. baseball). I work in marketing and consumer interest has simply become more niche and advertisers are following suit. Yes, pool needs more sponsors but you don't need big and recognizable brands sponsoring pool for pool to be successfully monetized. See attached screenshot - Trickshot CEO got 8 million LIKES (not views!) on this video. Between instagram, youtube, and tiktok he has 5 million followers. Even though trickshot CEO isn't really a pool player, he's influencing millions of kids who - guess what - will grow up and have hobbies - and maybe one of them will be pool.

My point: to all the people who want pool to be the way it was back in the day - it ain't happenin' - but it doesn't need to. Pool will succeed more than any point in it's long history - by most measurements it already has.

I don't like to sit and bitch, that's why I help pro players develop videos for social media. Look out for a huge drop of social content coming soon from Alex - so please subscribe to be in the know -

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So the only change or difference is the internet, as opposed to years back. That has nothing to do with the game as it does the access to information. Which is fine.


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1P with the doubling cube is the nuts!!!!! Great action.

Yes let’s get BG going for side action as well-windows open!!

And let’s not forget the 5B has to get back to orange everywhere-please🧡🧡
Check out the Predator stream. "Real" color all around, even the 4 ball: