SVB vs Chohan 1P


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Phew I’m up $50

Now I got to get Tony to 24 to win $100

Worst case I break even.

I knew this was a close match-why I made small social bets. Great stuff


Do what works for YOU!
Shane has to win 5-2 from here.

That’s a tall order given how the day is going.
Shane won the last 5 out of 6.
And the only game he lost during the last six he was up 7 to 1..... Tony made an amazing out.
Like I said, Shane can pull away anytime he felt like it.
Never a doubt.
To all the folks who still believe world class, all-around players can't beat one-pocket specialists in long money races, Shane (and Fedor and Josh) rest their cases.:cool:


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They both showed much fatigued the last 10 games, many simple errors on both sides. Still a really nice match to watch


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Pool fans have every right to be cautious of dumping, and be wary of PPV streamed matches, because funny stuff has happened plenty of times in the past.

Anyone recall the SVB vs Chang match that Omega did?

Race to 120, tied at 115-115 and supposed to finish that night, with the betting line at SVB -8, suddenly gets an extra day of play and the race extended to 155.

Final score of SVB 155-139, who now covers the line. How many side bettors got burned on that one?

If you want to blame someone, maybe start calling out unscrupulous players and promoters instead of pretending like the pool world is inhabited by nothing but saints.
Nobody got burned. Chang already covered the line.

Nice try


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I'm sorry Mr. Jelatis but the nature of big money gambling is what happens "behind the scenes".
Omega and the promoters can TELL us they're playing for a billion dollars each lol, but only they, the backers, and THE PLAYERS really know what the "deal" is.
It's GAMBLING, lots of smoke and mirrors going on I'm sure.
SVB isn't immune to any shadiness either, he's a gambler and in it for cash like everyone else.
This is why I put more respect/honor/weight into tournament results---> less shadiness, but I'm sure it happens there too, unfortunately...
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Shane WOULD dump, but it's not as far-fetched as you would imply.
Well, some of us have morals, you may not know anybody that does, but if I say I'm playing for 10k it's a fact! It has nothing to do with me being a gambler and if you think gambling makes you dishonest, then you're seriously mistaken. My name means something to me, just because yours doesn't....
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