TAD Kohara Clover Points


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Good Morning Guys.. :)

Here is a different theme Crown Cap for a Collector's TAD Cue.
I thought I'd try the Re-spliced look, with the Clover on the tips.
The "tough" part was thinking how to do the re-splice without resplicing. :eek:

I came up with using Machined Ebony .040" wide Inlay Strips, Ebony Point, Ebony Bridge to do the Black Point/Veneer work.

Even TAD's Joint Rings are a "Project" by themselves.
How much would you charge to make just the Joint Ring? :grin-square:
A lot of work..

We all Know Dave Barenbrugge is "The Lord of the Rings"..
But Tad did make nice Ring Work in his time .. :p

Thank you for viewing.. :)


"I write the music, but I do not write the Song" - Alton Takata :)


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TAD Feather Strips

1st. .... Thanks for posting Josh, Jimmy and Ken. :)

Machining inlay pieces for the next Cue Cap:
Ebony Boxes - Bordered "Blue/Yellow Feathers".
Ebony Half Razor Windows with Simulated Ivory Slotted Diamonds.
Not sure if got enough room/space for adding on the Clovers.
More inlays to make today. **

** I stopped watching the few remaining TV shows I hung-on to watch. Too much time wasted on watching the advertising.
LA Angles Baseball is the only thing I watch. :) Mike Trout, Otani, Pujols, Simmons, Flecher, Cole Calhoun, Justin Upton.. Really miss Tyler Skaggs. :(
( On the Internet, UFC and Joe Rogan's Pod Cast)

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Thanks Larry :)
Also, Thank you Rhinoby and TommyT :smile:


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Cue Cap's Tuxedo Chess Set

1st. Thank You for posting Larry, Rhinoby and TommyT.. :)
Tommy is a Chess Player.
Any Chess Players out there interested in buying this Custom "One of a Kind"
Chess Set?
This is my Ebony and Xory "Tuxedo Chess Set" I made..
:) More here:


Thanks for viewing..

Alton :)

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Thanks for saying that GaryB :smile:


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Works of art that give great pleasure. My cues are fairly plain players cues with some rings only with beautiful woods, Bubinga & Brazilian Rosewood, and great hits by JoeyInCali.

Seeing your caps make me want to buy a fancy cue just so I can order some caps.

You are deservedly proud of the art you create.