Texas BCAPL State Tournament - Harker Heights, Tx 12-15 Mar 2009


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Thank you mel,amanda,PAPA RED, big truck and stones for all your kind words i cant wait to see you guys again.
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This has been some very interesting reading. I just wish I could play in this event, I'll have to figure out how to make that happen!

As to the controversy, I know how I'd feel about it, whether I was the opponent or a teammate. Actually, make that team member. I wouldn't want to be mates with anyone who could do that.

Congrats to everyone who did well, and to the guys running the show! Sounds like a damn good event to me!


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Singles Brackets, Results and Payouts Posted

Go to www.sw8ball.org

Click on Tournaments, then click on 2009 BCA Texas State Singles Results

Once you have the file open, click on each individual worksheet at the bottom to see the various events.