The BAT System


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Don't forget BASS while you're at it: BuyAStraightStroke. ;)
Wouldn't it be lovely if you could buy The Perfect Stroke. Like Cher used to say, "If you could buy this (pointing to her body) in a bottle, everybody would be skinny.
the prince's coffers or the sorcerer's spell.
All the money and all the systems in the world will never buy a perfect stroke. Only one man can do that.


Cruel, perhaps. Deceitful, never. My words are as true as a Mother's Love.

Those who would drink from the Lofty Fountain must be thirsty enough to endure the ascent. Neither money nor magic can mount the pinnacle.

Victory is found in the heart, not in the prince's coffers or the sorcerer's spell.

Go within! The answer can only be found in the caverns of the soul.

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This was so beautiful! Made me cry like a chik flik. That, and I just got the credit card bill.


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OK Guys, allow me to step into the shallow end of the pool. You're just starting out and you've found a room that is comfortable for you. You've been playing for about a year or so and things are going fine, but not perfect. Finding the groove, working on your stroke, your tempo, your zone is a challenge with all the noise, the camaraderie, and the interruptions.

You do want to learn how to shoot pool, don't you?


It's a 9 foot National, clean, not trashed and they want $100.00. You and a couple of buds could, unless you are mechanically impaired, take it apart and hump it over to your place. If you can take it apart, you can put it back together. It's not a Lunar Landing Module.

Now...practice every day. Get a video of Buddy Hall and watch it every night...or vice versa. Shoot 200 straight in shots. Watch Buddy. Shoot 300 straight in shots. Watch get the picture. No beer, no weed, no chit-chat with the Ol' Lady. Just pool. Play until the only sound you hear is the sound of the balls going into the pockets. Shoot pool, nothing else.

After a year, go down the pool room. In your mind, you're the only one there. Shoot a little bit, chat casually with the patrons, and then go home....and practice. Fix everything that you broke at the pool room. Got to the room once a month. Measure yourself, analyze everything you do, and then go home, and practice

Oh, the table is in Sarasota, Fl on CL. They'd probably give it to you just to get rid of it. Tell 'em Boxcar sent ya'.
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The BAT System

OK, you've just gone out and spent $900.00 for a new cue, and you can't make a ball. Your bride is miffed.

Sell the cue and Buy A Table. (BAT)

Buy a cheap table on Craigslist.
Buy an ugly table from a neighbor.
Buy a table with stained cloth.
Buy a table with old cushions
Buy a bar box if your house is small.
Buy a table with wonky slates.

Then INSTALL the table. Your bride is already miffed about the stick, so what.

Then borrow an old one piece cue from a friend.

Then practice 4 to 5 hours a day until you don't miss any shots.

OH, stop making excuses. If your house is real small, buy the bar box and stick it in a corner...and learn how to shoot on the two available sides. If you can't learn how to shoot pool, sell the table for a small profit and try something else.

The BAT System!
At least you own a table. No excuses!


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When I played golf seriously, I hit a minimum of 200 shots a day, every day. didn't matter. I was training my swing, but most of all I was training my eyes.

Having a fancy, high dollar table will not make you a good pool player. The idea is to have a surface at your fingertips that you can train on every day. What matters is one's ability to strike the cue ball precisely. No fancyass table in the world can teach you how to do that.

"In golf, no two greens are the same."
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