The best stroke/cue action you have seen


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Miz and Buddy are the two names that always come up in threads about the best stroke. Jose Parica is right there with them, too. What the aficionados used to say of Mizerak was that he had the perfect blend of power and finesse in his stroke. If forced to choose one of these three, I'll take Mizerak.
Stu question

Swanee or Miz??? That’s a tougher one imo

I agree with your post 100%

Eric 😃

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O'Sullivan's aint too shabby. That cat makes that 6x12 look like a barbox sometimes.
Agree. His stroke and style is mesmerizing. The speed he plays too, adds to that!!
Watched him since I was very young.
In pool though, efren had it all!!!


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FYI, just to underscore SJM's comment about the power of Miz's stroke, I seem to recall his first match at the US Open in 1992 he had a run of something like 132? In the middle of that run he settled for a crazy break shot where he cut the object ball in and had to go 3 rails around the table and still had enough force/power to open the stack!

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Swanee had a very pretty stroke.

Earl in high gear is something else too.

For non conventional strokes I like Keith’s stroke as well.

I don’t have a favorite.

If I had to pick one, overall it would be Kim Davenport as the whole package.
Great choice! I was thinking of Kim too. His stroke was straight and pure every time, without a flaw! He was rock solid at the table too, zero movement anywhere except his arm and his eyeballs. The only other player I ever saw go through the ball like that was Louie Roberts.
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