THE REMATCH of the "Greatest Match in Pool History"-SVB vs Orcollo (Fri-Sun 18-20 June2021) Race to 120 /9Ball

Positively Ralf

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I'll pass because these kinds of things are not one bit entertaining to me. But to whoever likes watching these kinds of matches, have fun and I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it.


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Shane 23-30
Incredible . Dennis is outbreaking Shane. Ran a 10 pack on Shane.
Dennis B&R 18 to Shane 13


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Two great players...Dennis runs an 11 pack....and still Shane is close in his rear view mirror.
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For my taste, the best format for an action match is the way Kaci and Pagulayan gambled. Best three out of five races to 21. Plenty of pool, and no matter how things proceed, each player tends to be in with a chance to win the match until the end, which is what makes it watchable.

Three out of five races to 21 is still a marathon of the highest order, but there is far less danger that the match will turn into a snooze-fest, as so many of these long races do.

To each his own.


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I agree, such a format with a tremendously long race isn't very fan friendly, but they aren't really playing for the fans. They must both agree that this is the best way to determine who the better player is in such a game.

However, I must say that Dennis' unbelievable comeback in the last race they had was very entertaining. Once he started to make his comeback, I did purchase the stream and watched it to the end. Very suspenseful and exciting.