"The South Dakota Kid" The Shane Van Boening Story


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This video aired on South Dakota Public Television in early April 2014. It's biographical in nature and gives viewers a quick summary of his early childhood to 2014. His mother, Timi, and grandfather, Gary, are also interviewed.
Thank you to Kyle Mork, who is the person who took the time to get this project started and as far as I know did most of the work.


That was a great video. Thanks for posting it.
If we had more professional players like Shane the game would have a chance to go somewhere. He is pure class whether on the winner side or losing. I only hope he continues on for many more years and the game has an opportunity to reward him and others for their drive and determination.


Yeah, he is a great person too I think. He cares to help other junior players learn the game and get better. I wish I could have found a mentor like Shane (to help me improve my game) when I was a kid.
6 time US Open champ? They are probably counting ALL US Open titles like 10 ball, 8 ball and 1P.

The when you say US Open, it really means the 9 Ball that Barry puts on. The rest need their full names.

He is now getting very close though (5 US Open 9 ball wins, and 4 of them were within the last 5 US Opens, which is even more amazing I think).
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Nice video, thanks for posting. Did some other pros really make some unwritten "rule" that he had to leave his hearing aids on? Seems to me when you are at the table your skill is what matters, not some lame excuse that your opponent being deaf is an advantage & a reason you lost to a better player.

I do think that it might help a player stay more mentally focused if the player can't hear any noises that might be distracting. I remember a really great player from NC that would always play with his headphones on, and they may have been noise canceling head phones (that were just used to help the player not hear any outside distractions). Shane is an amazing talent though, and he deserves every bit of his success. He has every right to turn his hearing aids off if it helps him stay more mentally focused. I hate that some of the players have actually complained about that. I think this sport needs more honorable players like Shane (like the type of player who would call a foul on himself on any game, no matter how important).