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"I just seem to be a little bit addicted to them. I go three or four times a week. I enjoy getting up in the morning and doing an hour of training," said Higgins. “It will be tough because when I am starting to travel to tournaments again I will need to find some spin classes there or go on the bikes in the hotels.” :​



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I remember after the match his explanation as to why he missed that black by so far was that it was the most pressure he'd ever felt in his life, as he knew about the suspisciously high number of bets on a 9-3 scoreline. I'm not sure but I'd like to think they were innocent.
Maybe I'm missing something, but I would expect a player to feel pressure to win, not beat the spread. That just seems like an odd excuse to me. Unless he's scared the bookies will get after him if they have to pay out.


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Mark Allen stormed to victory at the Northern Ireland Open in October, but the Antrim world number 11 has put his future in the sport in doubt, admitting he may not see any of the prize money after declaring bankruptcy in May. But compatriot Jordan Brown is desperate for Allen to stay in the game. :​

Who knows what's going on in Mark Allen's background but it doesn't sound too good .


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The Trial of Professionals v Amateurs.....

Shaun Murphy slams inclusion of amateur players in the UK Championship :​

UK Championship snooker: Shaun Murphy hits out at Si Jiahui after shock defeat :​

UK Snooker Championship 2021: Shaun Murphy out, John Higgins and Kyren Wilson through :​

1969 comments at time of post .

Si Jiahui Stuns Shaun Murphy in UK Championship :​

Your Honour .

I wish to state on the said night of the offence my first two greyhound selecctions got bumped at the first bend and finished nowhere so I switched to an E/W American horse race selection that finished more last than first so I got the message and swithched to snooker for Shaum Murphy V Si Jiahunai .

It was 2-0 going on 3-0 Si Jianhui , Your Honour and I thought at 9/4 for Si to win was a good bet for 3 of Her Majesty's pounds but by the time the bet got on Si was 11/8 to win the match so I locked into the match and Si played great pots and safety when asked so the jury has reached it's verdict.....

Shaun Murphy , you are found guilty of sour grapes . :unsure: :ROFLMAO: (y)
I think after he calms down, Shaun Murphy will admit he is wrong. If he got beaten he got beaten. It just stings more because he had an off day against someone who he should have beaten.


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World Snooker Tour

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Unfortunately due to technical issues, Matchroom.Live customers will not receive the online broadcast from the Cazoo UK Championship during the first session on Saturday.

We are hopeful that this technical issue will be resolved quickly and we apologise to customers.

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Amateur Hour: The Structure of the Snooker Main Tour :​

There has been plenty of discussion in the last few days surrounding the structure of the professional Main Tour in snooker.

Shaun Murphy’s poorly timed rant, made in the immediate aftermath of his defeat to Si Jiahui in the first round of the UK Championship, made headlines all around the world.

The Magician launched an extraordinary tirade at the current structure of the Main Tour that gifts amateur snooker players opportunities to compete on a regular basis and under the same conditions as professionals.
“I feel extremely hard done by that I have lost to someone who shouldn’t even be in the building,” the world number six brashly said on BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I don’t know why we as a sport allow amateurs to compete in professional tournaments. This is our livelihood. This is our living. We are self-employed individuals and not contracted sportsmen. We don’t play for a team.

“This is how I put food on the table. This is how I earn money. Since turning professional at 15, I have earned the right to call myself a professional snooker player. He hasn’t done that. He shouldn’t be on the table.”

That China’s Si currently boasts amateur status was a fact lost on nobody, and despite garnering support from the likes of Mark Selby and Mark Williams, Murphy has generally been labelled purely as a sore loser.

Reigning UK champion Neil Robertson was also quick to defend this year’s World Championship runner-up, an act that was doused in irony when he too subsequently lost to an amateur in the opening round.

These comments from esteemed current and former world champions obviously carry some weight, but it’s important to highlight that this isn’t a new issue that has suddenly popped up, and it’s part of a much wider discussion.

Amateurs as top-ups have been competing alongside the professionals for the best part of a decade, usually as a means of making up the numbers at events that can’t meet the usual 128-field criterion, and this is in no way the first time an amateur has upset a pro on the big stage.

In fact, most of these amateurs who are top-ups have already enjoyed professional status in recent times and are simply trying to climb their way back up the tree – as Murphy and Robertson should both understand having each suffered from relegation during their early years as professionals.

Murphy’s spiel, however, has reignited a debate that has been simmering behind the scenes for quite some time, one that incorporates many complex avenues but can more basically be whittled down to two core issues – the size of the tour and prize money.

While Murphy’s Wikipedia page accepted an unexpected spike in hits as everyone scrambled to find his career earnings in an effort to discredit his rambling complaints, he and many others do have a point when it comes to first-round losers not getting paid.

For a sport that wants to be seen as global and elite, it’s somewhat contradictory when there are players among the ranks who can’t even earn a living after fulfilling their job.

Murphy has come out of it looking like a spoiled brat, and as a player who earned £200,000 for reaching the final at the Crucible in May that’s fair enough.

But there were 63 other first-round losers at the Barbican Centre in York this week and none of them will receive any money for their efforts, which creates a struggle for survival near the bottom of the rankings that is as much about putting food on the table as it is about staying on the Main Tour.

In the era since Barry Hearn and his team took over snooker has been revitalised, but it has not been without its problems, and one of those is that the tour’s rich have been given ample opportunities to get richer while the circuit’s poor have frequently been left with the bare minimum.

It doesn’t help matters that Hearn’s mantra of meritocracy lives on beyond his retirement (as chairman, at least) despite the fact that almost everyone else agrees on the stupidity of lower-seeded players having to continuously face the very best in their first-round ties at almost every event.

A suggestion that seems to have the support of a lot of players is the downsizing of the Main Tour, with various different outlooks proposed – including a return to the tiered-system of 96 players that was incorporated prior to the 2013/14 snooker season.

Another, more dramatic, proposition is to completely halve the numbers so only 64 professionals are competing on the Main Tour, with a more sustainable secondary tour launched for the rest.

A sustainable secondary tour would be welcome, but the latter option will never happen and is especially short-sighted as it would completely undo a lot of the good work that has indeed been done by WST and the WPBSA in the last decade in terms of expanding snooker’s reach.

Deals with broadcasters, promoters, and sponsors – especially international – also muddy matters when it comes to making severe alterations.

But something does need to be done, because what it mainly boils down to is fairness and the current setup lacks that in too many ways.

Amateur snooker, which has been beset by its own entanglement of long-term problems, needs a sound structure of its own that provides aspiring players with a viable pathway through to the professional game, and once members of the professional Main Tour those players should be entitled to get rewarded.

Murphy’s overriding message may well have been along these lines, rather than a reactionary lash out in petulance that it turned out to be.
Years ago I lived in Sheffield and watched quite a bit of Snooker (I still do but more on the TV). I’ve seen both amateur and pro, if you watch an amateur competition you will still see the big breaks going in. The big difference I thought was in safety play and shot selection which is much higher in the pro ranks.

I see both sides of this the pro should beat the amateur and it is sour grapes to loose hence the silly comments. In my mind I think the pro’s probably lost because of the wrong mind set. A bit like a superior boxer not training properly because they imagine the easy win, but in the end invariably loose.

The bigger problem is the flat structure when the lower ranked pro can come up against a top ranked pro and get beaten. Making it harder for those in the lower ranks to earn a living. The other side is having tiers protects the top pros and arguably makes it harder to crack into the top levels

I don’t know the answer, but getting rid of amateurs who act as top ups to make the numbers I don’t think is one of them. And I guess in the end although I don’t always agree with what Barry Hearn did his business instincts are spot on. Snooker is booming again. So I would trust his past judgement and keep things as they are.

There is maybe a debate to be had on the UK championship and does it have a unique character as a triple crown event. But as a fan I’m fine with the odd upset, in tue end that’s one of the reasons we all like any sport.


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Mark Williams saw his hopes of a third UK Championship title slip away as he was beaten 6-5 by Anthony Hamilton in the second round. Williams fell asleep during the match and said he didn't know where he was for "about five seconds". You can stream the 2021 UK Championship live and on demand on discovery+ and watch all the action live via Eurosport and at :​

UK Snooker Championship 2021: Mark Williams falls asleep during Anthony Hamilton defeat :​



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It’s a crazy tournament this one with the big names dropping like flies.

Maybe a surprise winner or will Judd or Ronnie stay the course.
John Higgins v Zhao Xintong at 5-3 up I thought John Higgins would seal the deal so I launched 3 of Her Majesty's on him to win the next frame and we know how that went but luckily I never chased the losses ! :rolleyes::oops:;):)(y)


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Wu Yize managed a break of a different kind during his UK Championship defeat to Kyren Wilson on Monday as he smashed a glass on the floor. The match was paused and the referee asked for a towel to help mop up the water. You can stream the 2021 UK Championship live and on demand on discovery+ and watch all the action live via Eurosport and at :​