U.S. Open 9-Ball Poll

Should the Open this year end on Fri. Oct. 30th or Sat. Oct. 31st?

  • Friday October 30, 2015

    Votes: 26 48.1%
  • Saturday October 31, 2015

    Votes: 28 51.9%

  • Total voters


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Barry asked me to post this:

First off, I would like to apologize once again about the delay in payments which will be taken care of by this coming Monday afternoon as it's set up to be wired.

Now, I need some input from people. This year's Open is currently scheduled to end on Saturday October 31st which is Halloween. I'm asking for everyone to let me know if it should end on the 31st or if I should shift everything a day earlier so that the finals for this year only would end on the 30th.

So the dates will either be Monday Oct. 26 - Saturday Oct. 31 or Sunday October 25 - Friday Oct. 30. Need your feedback please.

At least if it ends on Halloween Barry will have an excuse for showing up looking like a red-nosed clown.

one stroke

AzB Silver Member
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Barry first needs to pay the people he owes , then he needs to personaly come here and apologize ,, not have someone else do it for him who was no where to be found when the checks started bouncing down the sidewalk ,,
After he does that again him personaly needs to ask the question he's not spokesperson worthy



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I don't know you but what is it with you and Barry? Why would you want to associate yourself with such a person? What dog do you have in this hunt? What about your own credibility? And why would you take the responsibility to apologize for his unethical actions? It's like you are his little US Open martyr.

All you have to do is walk away and your name is clear. But yet you hang in there and by doing so you become guilty by association.

I don't understand...

I think that ship already sailed.


"Roberta, for whatever reasons, has always had my back through thick and thin as she lives in our town and knows firsthand how hard I do work year round at Q-Masters and especially for the U.S. Open. She’s one of my most loyal people who will, if necessary, get on those who really may not know the entire story or stories about me and will speak her mind."

Kickin' Chicken

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if it ends on Halloween Barry might feel even more justified in dispensing tricks instead of treats. :rolleyes:

no interest to vote..

Brian in VA

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If it ends on Friday, the banks would be open and payouts could still take place.....oh, wait. Better make it Saturday, then. Start excuses early.

No vote, not going after 15 years.

Brian in VA


Living The Dream
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Tell him to sell the rights, no one wants to play in a tournament that doesn't pay the contestants. To come here and make the inquiry you have without everyone being paid borders on ridiculous.


AzB Silver Member
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Wow, this has to win the stupidest thread of the year.

So he wants to change the date of the event where they don't pay
the top people, or anyone that is from another country.


Really this really truly has to win some type of dingbat thread?

How about Barry pays everyone, posts the cheques showing that they
have been cashed and then asks if anyone is every going to show up at his event again

Shame on him for letting down so many people and trashing
the name of the event.

For the person that started this thread I really feel bad for you, but sometimes u
need to walk away from a train wreck before it takes u down.

lots of hugs


AzB Silver Member
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What was the logic for this to be scheduled at this time anyway. Was never an issue in other years. Why not put in a reasonable series of dates to choose from, neither of these are good.


AzB Silver Member
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Let it Die...

The only way to stop this mess is for the players to stop going to his tournament. I don't understand why players continue going. Let it die and maybe someone else can start a new tournament under a new name.


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I think you have a lot of nerve putting this poll up. Hey Barry :kma:


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IMO, having the Open to coincide with Halloween is just not a great decision. As others have mentioned, family obligations can come into play.


Nine ... corner

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I can just hear Roberta's report back to Barry. "Well I asked your timing question on AZB. Everybody was real excited about the next Open and you running it. Let's see ... which date did they think was best? ... the one where you F'in pay the players on time!" :p


C'mon, man!
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Everyone should look at the poll results before voting and just vote to keep it 50/50 regardless of what you prefer.


C'mon, man!
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What side are you on?

1.) Are you saying we the people of the forum don't have the right to express our displeasure about BB? And that if we don't line up in support of Ms. Roberta's request that we are a joke beyond belief?

2.) Or are you saying that it's a joke because she had the nerve to even ask us such a stupid question?

beyond belief

Roberta, have this thread deleted, it's a joke