U.S. Open 9-Ball Poll

Should the Open this year end on Fri. Oct. 30th or Sat. Oct. 31st?

  • Friday October 30, 2015

    Votes: 26 48.1%
  • Saturday October 31, 2015

    Votes: 28 51.9%

  • Total voters


C'mon, man!
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Ribdoner, I saw your green rep after I made this post. Now I know which side you are one!!!

What side are you on?

1.) Are you saying we the people of the forum don't have the right to express our displeasure about BB? And that if we don't line up in support of Ms. Roberta's request that we are a joke beyond belief?

2.) Or are you saying that it's a joke because she had the nerve to even ask us such a stupid question?


Burn all jump cues
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My advice is to not come on AZB, you or Barry until the name is sold and the tournament has nothing to do with Barry and his family and friends. IMO the name is worth nothing. It has been the joke of all the industry all over the world. Pack it up and give it away. I can not believe how many players over the years fell for Barry's BS. Johnnyt


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I vote for the last day to be April 1st.

^^^^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^^^^

When I recite The Lord's Prayer and get to the part about "And Deliver Us from Evil",
all of a sudden Barry B's Drunken Face flashes before my eyes. Heaven Forbid !


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The poll should be
"Is Barry Behrmann the right person to run next US Open?" or
"Would you boycott US Open if Barry Behrmann is running it?"


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This is what I thought.Nobody should even vote.Like it was said,"let it die and make a different
tourney to replace it".


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Option 3

Option 3, stop promoting a game you can't promote. You don't pay people, players don't like you, everyone thinks your a scumbag and a weirdo. Pay people on time stop being scum of the game and maybe people will think your serious, and respond to your stupid poll. Please BB STOP! GO AWAY! And never return the pool world is done with you.


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Maybe somebody hacked Roberta's AZ account.

Perhaps "pay first, ask questions later" would be a good 3rd choice.


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Barry asked me to post this:

First off, I would like to apologize once again about the delay in payments which will be taken care of by this coming Monday afternoon as it's set up to be wired.

Now, I need some input from people. This year's Open is currently scheduled to end on Saturday October 31st which is Halloween. I'm asking for everyone to let me know if it should end on the 31st or if I should shift everything a day earlier so that the finals for this year only would end on the 30th.

So the dates will either be Monday Oct. 26 - Saturday Oct. 31 or Sunday October 25 - Friday Oct. 30. Need your feedback please.

Why not start on Monday, and finish by Thursday so that everyone could leave on Friday and be with their kids all day on Saturday....no rushing home from the airport...


Burn all jump cues
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Do you all really think Barry gives a $hit what anyone on AZB thinks? It's just a smoke screen for the non-payment issue. Some balls even dreaming of putting on anymore U.S. Open joke. Johnnyt