We've all had racks like this ... lol


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what a link! thanks so much. reminds me of my games, working hard and freak shots! :eek: happy 4th everyone! :thumbup:

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Sid Waddell's commentary at 3:46 - "Put the bag on that guy's head !!!!!" :rotflmao1::killingme:


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What a rack! A case of who got lucky last. Thanks for posting.:smile:


Sid was an absolute classic commentator. I loved his style.

I have stacks of old videos with him commentating on that date back to the 90s. He had no idea about pool when he started, but he picked it up quick.

For those interested in the original link, I have a link to some footage of the Aussie playing Busty (Phil Riley) from a fair few years ago. This was from the final of the Australian 9 ball championships. He was playing the late Eddie Charlton.



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A most enjoyable way to start my day.

Thanks, Blackjack, for posting this. Greenies to you.

I hope after that game they sprayed whitey with some jaw repellant. :D

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