What does it take to get a JB Case ???


Sent an order for a case middle of october 2011. Recieved an acknowledgement for that order on 10/20/2011. Sent an email in january 2012 with some details and changes I wanted to make, no response. posted in a thread in case review section by jacobyguy (kinda hijack i know) on 3/25/2012 and got a PM from john asking my name and details. Responded to that PM with three messages (one from phone and two from my computer, Nothing. emailed karen 3/30/2012 and got an appology from karen about them now traveling and their poor communication. Responded to that message, nothing. Sent email asking for status 4/14/2012 and 5/3/2012 still no response. So i ask this forum What does it take to get a case made by JB Cases. Venting my frustration in this message looks like my only way to get some attention. They may be very busy and I understand that, but i'm thinking that 7 months is a little unreasonable. No deposit was made but none was ever asked for. I'm a big fan of their products, and have admired them for years. If anyone has any ideas on what i should do please feel free to chime in. I don't really want to take my business elsewhere but I will if I have to. John if you read this please contact me via PM or email. I want to at least get an answer from you wether you will make the case or not.
thanks for looking


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My experience has been that it largely depends on where you are on the list. I waited not quite a year. The time spent waiting was worth it. Seven months is perfectly reasonable especially when you consider he had many orders to complete before he got your order. It is true that Patience is a virtue. It is part of the price we pay for bespoke goods. Good luck.
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Patience I suppose...(sounds familiar huh?)
I've been waiting for 21 months myself...one drawing of one design came around New Years and here we are...
I sent John an e-mail earlier this week inquiring and still await a reply. I have faith in John tho, just needed the case for my 60" cues as most cases will not fit with the bigger pins and j/p's. It's been pretty frustating finding cases that work, but a few fine characters here on AZ have hooked me up with ones that do :thumbup: ...and for that I'm grateful.
Anyways, JB will eventually come thru :embarrassed2:


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I seem to recall a post by Jerry here recently, where if you emailed him, it would get forwarded to John. Don't have the time to find it this minute (at work, quick goof off moment) but I expect you can find it if you take a look.


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there seems to be a guy who is either working for john or working with john that has been posting some case pics in the cue and case gallery...

you may want to try and contact him, maybe he can shed some light on your orders... he hasnt posted recently i dont think.. but was like a week or two ago..



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I would suggest

contacting sending correspondence to Mike@JBIdeas.com

He is the one that has been posting pics of cases, and seems to be a sales
director of sorts. I am sure he would get your emails to John.


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Why are people asking others to contact john?? Is he no longer taking messeges on this site?? It seems it been awhile since i saw him post but i thought that was because he can't sell new cases any more .....to which i wish he could as he always has alot of eye candy when it comes to custom cases.....jeff


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They have been traveling a lot since VF. At one point I know that John had lost/misplaced his laptop and that slowed him up a bit. Since he is banned here, it is difficult for him to respond to any inquiries here. While I realize that Karen is likely still traveling with John, I would venture to guess that she is still your best bet at karen@jbideas.com, or Jerry Forsyth has offered to help those having contact issues. You might also try Roy Malott at indyq.com, as he also takes and forwards orders to John, last I heard.

I am sure John is not trying to avoid anyone...he just really sucks at returning emails personally...and has been pretty upfront about that. In the meantime, I will forward John an email with this thread link and make him aware....all I can really do to help.


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We are currently working through the orders as best we can. I will work with Karen to provide those with current order with updates.

I apologize on behalf of our company for the delays. We are suffering from too many orders and not enough people to fill them.

For those that would like to speak to John directly the best way to reach him immediately is via skype to username jbideas or to call him. Send me a PM and I will give you his phone number.

Mr. Seagar, I have looked up your order and will personally take it up with Karen to find out what the hold up is. I think it has to do with your leather choices not being available but I am not certain. One way or the other myself or Karen will contact you by tomorrow at the latest.

We thank all of you for the business.



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i buy several cases pr year from jb
i expect 5 in a month or 2
all 5 are the 1x2 hustler movie style,

i have a few2x4 if you want one
also a king and a rusty or 2

bob b.

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Will do Mr. Bentele. Your case is scheduled to be started today.


THANK YOU so much for the response. I sent you a PM about my "case" on order, please pm me with another response (acknowledgement), then, we are all GOOD!

Thx Again,

Bob B.


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Just a head's up concerning my case

Thanks for the e-mail John and Company, appreciate your prompt response and offer...


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I wrote Mike@JBIdeas about getting a price quote on a case yesterday, and Karen answered me today with a quote.